20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit the Netherlands

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Enjoying the Classiness of the Netherlands

The Netherlands has quite a number of well-known epithets. From liberal and modern to rural and flowery. But for us the Netherlands rhymes with the classiness! Somehow, everywhere we went, the things we saw – from people, their transport, hobbies to their houses, streets and gardens – radiated the classy way of living. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small¬†village famous for its windmills, or a big metropolitan city like Amsterdam, you will find everything so cherished and nourished, that it will be hard to stop yourself from taking pictures of almost every facades, shop window or garden.

Dutch are classy in a way that no other nation is. They watch over their country with high care, and that makes the Netherlands beautiful from head to toes. Getaway to this country is always a good idea!