Day Trip from Belgium. Aachen!

As our followers on Instagram have probably seen, it have already been two weeks since we moved to Belgium. However, we still have some things, that our new (but temporary) home needs. So last weekend we decided to synchronize our needs: to go shopping and exploring at the same time.   

Who is this guy?

It was sunny Saturday, when we decided that we want to go on a day trip to Germany. We did small research and decided that it will be Aachen, where we will be heading that afternoon.

Aachen is a westernmost city in Germany, at the border with Belgium and Netherlands. As Google informed us, it has some interesting architectural sights, rich history 1 and it is a good destination for shopping. 

So we jumped into the car and hour-and-a-half later we were standing in the Aquis Plaza Shopping Mall, in the center of Aachen. After buying a reasonably priced and nice kettle 2, some cosmetic items, several packs of Haribo 3 and two really tasty kebabs for lunch 4, we went to explore the city.

And here are the beauties, that we found in an hour or so. 

 Aachen Cathedral.

The place, which fills city with the majestic sound of bells.


Cathedral Treasury.

The place, where all the liturgical treasures are kept.


Aachen Town Hall (Rathaus).

The place, where German kings were coronated.


Charismatic Aachen.

The place, that made us smile. I think this boy have had the biggest number of photoshoots in city’s history. 


The place, where Aacheners like to spend their Saturday evening. 

The place, where all the facades looks like models.


Is Aachen a good place for a day trip from Belgium? Yes it is! And not only from Belgium – from Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and other German cities also. 

Have you ever visited Aachen? What are your experiences?

Waiting to talk to you in comments, Dear Reader.

Yours, L. 

  1. It was a residence of Charlemagne
  2. Woohoo! No more of frying water for coffee in the pan!
  3. I  Germany.
  4. We love kebabs. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find tasty ones in Belgium.