About Us

– Hi! –

We are P. and L., a couple from a small country in Baltics – Lithuania. We met in one of the high schools of a beautiful city Kaunas 10 years ago and since then we are exploring the world together. At the time when we got our driving licenses our dates moved from coffee shops and parks to the road. Read More

– Who are we? –

Between us we have an interesting match. A girl, who believes that she is living in a fairy tale, and a guy, who starts to smile instantly when he has a chance to grumble.

Cities, nature, culture, food – we are exploring everything, which looks charming to us. However, we aren’t guide book people – we believe in detours! We choose the things to explore while travelling on the spot. After all, we all know that best things happen impromptu – without being planned. Read More

– Where are we now? –

At the moment we are staying in Belgium at a small student town called Louvain-la-Neuve. This town has become our temporary home from fall of 2016 and it will probably be until summer of 2017. With short distractions for studies and work online, we are continuously exploring this part of Europe: with Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany and France in our exploration field. Read More

– Stay tuned! –

  1. For example, we can reach 5 capital cities in two hour’s trip!