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Traveler’s Child

Traveler’s Child is a brand that focuses on building a community of travelers. We want our community to share their travel ideas, experiences, and stories. On our own behalf, we try to share the most sincere opinions of the places we have visited.

Our goal – to create a casual social environment where everyone is heard and trusted. It is done by interacting with our followers throughout all the social media platforms we use. We always respond to any message requesting a help and we ask help from our community as well.

We are strongly against spamming on social media as we wish to generate a sincere interest. All of our interactions are unique and we are always the ones on the other side of the screen.


We started Traveler’s Child in June 2016 as space for us to share our pictures and ideas. In one year we grew a community of nearly 30 thousand people. We believe that we did that by sticking to certain values, which we try to maintain:

  • Posting what is interesting to us. This way we reached people that are more similar to us. That way, easier to interact with.
  • Providing our sincere opinion.
  • Trying to inspire others and search for inspiration between our community.
  • Treating every question with respect and providing our personal attention.

It has been hard to do this once our community grew, but we try to do our best.

In addition, we always wanted to share our stories. Unfortunately, other blogs had too many requirements, so we decided that we would create a place where we would allow people to express themselves more freely. That is how we started our popular segments where we interview travelers and where we ask locals about their hometowns.

Finally, during that period1 we did several collaborations with tourism centers, which turned out to be a success. Our work:

Traveler's Child
Traveler’s Child image on the cover of Visit Gent Summer Magazine.


Every day we get up with the goal to continue growing and raising our level of quality. First of all, we seek to continue growing our community by involving more and more of our followers into the creation of our brand, because huge and significant part of Traveler’s Child is its followers. Secondly, by doing that we want to work more on collaborations, both with individual travelers, and brands that are also sincerely in love with traveling and great travel stories. We believe that it is the best tool to continue raising our level of quality. All in all, our major and the most significant future goal is to make Traveler’s Child strong travel brand which connects hundreds of thousands travel enthusiasts who love sharing or reading about great and adventurous travel discoveries.

So stay tuned and be involved in making our dream come true! ❤

L. & P.

If you want to join our community:

  1. June 2016 – June 2017