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The Beauty of Amsterdam’s Bicycles

The capital of Netherlands is famous for many things. We were astonished by the canals and the leaning houses. A lot of mixed thoughts got into our heads while going through the Red Light District. We also loved the flea markets and how many different types of strange things you can find there.

Though, we never thought that we would be that impressed by bicycles in a city. The moment we stepped out of our car I somehow started to take pictures with my camera.

After two days I had more than a hundred pictures of the most interesting bicycles and compositions with them. I believe, it turned out to be a one hell of a gallery. I picked a dozen of the ones I liked the most and now I share it with you!

Amsterdam’s bicycles

The Sleeping Bike ( Full Size)Amsterdams-Bicycles

Though this is not an image of an actual bike, but it is a motorbike.

This picture in particular is dedicated to one of my most favorite photographers Gerd Ludwig. He’s one of the most popular photographers on Instagram as well as a photographer for National Geography. Also, I just love his project called the Sleeping Cars. Seeing this scenery reminded me of it. That’s why I just couldn’t resist to upload this image of a sleeping bike.

The rest of the bikes have a little description about them. If you agree, or have another opinion of what one bike looks like – let me know in the comments! 

The Amsterdam Bike ( Full Size)


Now this bike actually resembled most of what is Amsterdam all about. It’s classy and has style. A bit vintage. Has perfect shapes. And is full of flowers.

The Street Bike ( Full Size)


All-black, red rim bike just looks amazing with the similarly colored background.

The Night-life Bike ( Full Size)


It looks like someone’s waiting in line to get to a night-club.

The “Classy Ol’ Man” Bike ( Full Size)


This bike reminds me of older people, who despite being a bit rusty, still kills it with their style.

The “Riddler” Bike ( Full Size)


I am not sure that everyone is as huge fan of Batman as I am, but the ones who are, I believe that, will have no problem understanding what I mean.

The Flower Delivery Bike ( Full Size)


Well, this is pretty obvious.

The “Just A Dude Casually Hanging-Out” Bike ( Full Size)


Just minding it’s own business, doesn’t look like he’s up to any trouble.. Or is he?

The “I Think Something’s Wrong With My Leg” Bike ( Full Size)


I think that we all have been to these situations where either we or someone that we know got to this point where he (or she) can’t feel much pain (Yeah, I am talking about alcohol). The he (or she) tells us that he (or she) thinks that something is wrong with one of his (or hers) body parts and when we see it we know that we should better get them to the hospital.

A Romantic Couple ( Full Size)


Most of us have been in these situation when being on a date becomes a game of teasing..

The Little Girl Bike ( Full Size)

Amsterdams-BicyclesThe Little Boy Bike ( Full Size)



I really hope you enjoyed this gallery. If you have any thoughts of it – please let me know in the comments! 

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