Façades of Antwerp: Silent Storytellers

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
― Winston Churchill

Façades of Antwerp

Can simple façades of simple houses tell us something about the city? I, personally, like reading old town façades as a story. Each façade – new chapter. Each chapter – short story. As I see it, houses and faces which they show to the outside world are the writers of a centuries-long, never ending, adventurous, a bit dramatic and, maybe, even romantic, novel. And we, happy wanderers, are the ones to read it.

Such old and great cities like Antwerp1 are the ones to have the best stories. Their history is wavy as an ocean, their culture is deep and wide as the roots of an old oak, their present is dynamic and lively as the adventurous youths living there. And their ordinary façades are the ones to tell everything about it.

Short Stories from the Lips of Antwerp’s Façades

Antwerp is a lot of things, but firstly it is an centuries-old, one of the biggest and the most significant port-cities in Europe. A lot of things spread of to the world from here, a lot of things came here to influence the evolution of the city. Let’s see, Dear Reader, what stories about the modern Antwerp we can read just from several of its various and intriguing façades.

Revelous One

Story about the revelous city where every passerby was greeted as a friend.
Where everyone knew how to feast from dusk until the dawn.


Moral One

Old story about the city where high moral, beliefs and traditions were at the top of its residents daily thoughts. Where everyone knew what to believe in and how to do that.


Mischievous one

Cheerful story about the city where mischievous happenings were part of the daily routine happening in the streets. Where everyone believed that a little fun can make everyone’s day into much better one.


Disciplined One

Story about the city where discipline was a necessity, not an aspiration. Where everyone believed that disciplined way of living is the only way to live right.


Passionate One

Inspiring story about the city where people believed in pursuing their dreams and passions. Where everyone knew that in order to succeed they have to carry on with the things that they love doing the most.


Romantic One

Lovely story about the city where romantic gestures were as common as a happy birthday wishes. Where everyone knew that life will be much sweeter with a little bit of romance in the air.


Wise One

Story about the city where wisdom was the most expensive legacy to pass on. Where everyone knew that they can earn material goods promptly, but wisdom is the thing that won’t come easily.


Eclectic One

Story about the city where new ideas were welcome as much as the innovative newcomers carrying them. Where everyone knew that the best way to be progressive is to be open to the broad horizons of the world.


Fancy One

Classy story about the city where good manners came with the good taste. Where everyone aspired to inspire the classiness and fanciness with their stylish way of living.


The End

Imagination decides everything2, doesn’t it? The way I see the world doesn’t mean that you do the same, Dear Reader, but that doesn’t stop us from sharing our thoughts and findings. On the contrary – it broadens our imagination horizons, and, I believe, that it is a very important feature for a true wanderer.

Anyway, what do you, Dear Reader, think about these several of the many faces that Antwerp owns? Do they seem like a storytellers to you? And which one looks the most engaging to you? Waiting for your thoughts in the comments!

Yours, L. 

  1. The Belgian star shining bright across the world.
  2. Blaise Pascal.

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