Antwerp Zoo: Animal Kingdom by the Train Station

Antwerp Zoo

We have been to Antwerp many times during our stay in Belgium. During our first visit, the city left us with a small impression. Still, later we found out how wrong we were. After coming here with our friends and family, we realized why people call Antwerp the cultural capital of Belgium. The city is just amazing and you can tell that only by seeing its Train Station. Other than that, we also heard and read many great reviews about the City’s Zoo. Unfortunately, due to a high ticket price we were always hesitating to visit it.

Finally, on our last week together in Belgium, we decided that visiting this place was the last thing we had to do. We arrived here at the end of June 2017 and went to see how great Antwerp Zoo actually is.


It is the most convenient location it can probably be. The Zoo is built right next to the beautiful Train Station of Antwerp. That means you can arrange an awesome train trip. One where you will arrive at one of the most magical train stations in the World! Trust us, we know a thing or two of what really does look magical. 😋😊

Antwerp Zoo
These are the coolest little creatures ever!

In addition, there are many parking lots around. There you can get a discount if you are visiting the Antwerp Zoo. The only problem is that it is a bit far from the Town Square. Still, the streets leading to this place are also a must-see. For example, while walking those streets you will pass a house of the famous artist, Rubens.


The Zoo was built in 1843 as the Royal Zoo back in the mid 19th century. That is why you can see that it was made with a lot of care. The park is very spacious, has a lot of flowers and other plants growing everywhere. The buildings in the park are built like small palaces. Most importantly, most of the animals seem to have a lot of space and do not seem upset in any way. Some of the birds and animals have huge shared spaces where they can fly around freely.

Still, we must admit that a natural environment is always better for animals. For some of them, like panthers or gorillas, the spaces do seem a bit too small. Eventually, you do start feel sad for those animals.


As mentioned above – Antwerp Zoo is really royal. Many different statues, interesting buildings with great both interiors and exteriors – everything is just great. In addition, the Zoo is home for almost 1000 different animal species. There are also different shows going on all day and a wonderful cafe near the Zoo exit. You can come in here in the morning and probably spend here all day.

We would also like to single out the aquariums, which were marvelous. You can find so many interesting and beautiful sea creatures here that it simply takes your breath away! The Sea World in Antwerp Zoo is really something else!


The price, as you know, was our biggest concern. 26 Eur for a ticket is not a small price and there are no real discounts for seniors, students or children. You get a 2 Eur discount if you are a student, a 1 Eur discount if you are a senior and discounts for children are from 2 to 5 Eur depending on age.

Let’s compare this to Paris. There you can enter Louvre for free if you are under 25 or for 20 Eur if you are older. Our conclusion – prices in the Antwerp Zoo are really REALLY high. On the other hand, animals probably require much more care than the paintings. 😀

Antwerp Zoo
The biggest lizard there is – the Komodo Dragon.

Antwerp Zoo

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