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Destination of the Month – Austrian Alps

Thoughts of L. & P.

What L. has to say about the time in Austrian Alps

Austrian Alps

Alpine discoveries.

Alps is something that I dreamed to visit since the childhood. As we grew up probably in one of the plainest landscapes in Europe, mountains always was something from another world. 4 years ago my dream came true and we finally stepped on the snowy Alps in Livigno, a small skiing resort in Italy. But after this visit my Alpine dream didn’t go anywhere. Alps became a place where I dream to return again and again!

So, this year was the third time my dream came true. We had our first visit to the Alps of Austria! Though I loved our two winter trips to Italy very much (especially the food and the cozy Italian spirit in charming little streets!), I have to admit that Austria is a skier’s paradise. Huge variety of wide skiing trails, majestic mountain lakes and waterfalls, bright blue mountain rivers, relaxing hikes and tasty strudels are the components of perfect nature getaway.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter if it’s Italy or Austria, we just got back and I already dream to put my foot on the Alpine peaks again!

What P. has to say about the time in Austrian Alps

Austrian Alps

Dreamy Alpine routine.

I found this trip as the best way to free your mind out of anything that is dragging you down. There is something special being around such a majestic object as Alps.

Being around something that big and enormous, you get to realize the actual significance of your worries – it’s tiny, temporary and are not what you should keep your mind set on.

Trying to absorb this much beauty, does carry you away somewhere far far in your mind, and for once, when you open your eyes – you are in that peaceful place, that paradise you picture in your mind, which is the Alps.

Of course, there might, and probably are, places more beautiful than this, but for the moment – there is no other place I’d rather be.

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