Travel Inspiration with Beatriz Tabarés

About the traveler

About the traveler

Travel inspiration
Beatriz is obsessed with traveling! (By Beatriz Tabarés)

First of all, let’s start with our Dear Guest introducing herself.

Hi, my name is Beatriz Tabarés. I’m a journalist and a photographer who loves discovering the world. I live in Madrid and I’m obsessed with traveling!


Travel inspiration
Santorini Island by Beatriz Tabarés.

While scrolling through Beatriz Instagram profile, it’s obvious that exploring new places is the thing that takes the most of her free time. Spain, Greece, France, Germany, again Spain, Austria, Italy, more of Spain, Belgium, Mexico, etc., etc. And it’s not only about quantity. She has discovered a big part of the top Europe’s and some of the world’s best destinations! So, the first thing we asked her, was to share the places that she could recommend to visit for us all.

If you love little villages, I recommend Hallstatt in Austria and Colmar in France. I visited them during my honeymoon and I am coming back there for sure!

If you love beautiful beaches, consider going to Baleares islands in Spain. Menorca, Ibiza, Mallorca, Formentera… They all are perfect!

Travel inspiration
Hallstatt is the place which Beatriz could recommend for everybody! (By Beatriz Tabarés)

What is the most wonderful place you have ever visited?

Difficult question. But if I have to choose, then I would say New York. No words… 

What was the most memorable or challenging story from your trips?

It took place at Riviera Maya in Mexico. We decided to go for a swim with free whale sharks in the middle of the ocean, though we had never dived before… So, imagine what happened next! Firstly, while we were waiting for the dive, one of my best friends started to panic. And the rest of the trip was unforgettable! Though the experience was great, but we started to vomit and we wanted to go back to the beach! But it wasn’t possible ‘till two hours later!


Travel Inspiration
Colmar is among the nicest small towns in Europe! (By Beatriz Tabarés)

Unique Beatriz photography style brought our attention months ago. We love her pictures! So, straight after she shared her inspiring travel moments, we wanted to hear more about her passion for photography. First of all, about the equipment she uses.

I started with a digital camera which name’s I don’t remember. Now I work with Canon 6D, because several months ago my previous camera got stolen from my car. After this, my parents decided to give us the one that I’m using now… As a present for my wedding!

Travel inspiration
Above the astonishing rooftops of Florence. (By Beatriz Tabarés)

Who was the on to inspire you to get into photography?

My father has always loved photography and I’ve grown up with his cameras. He is my role model!

What is that you love to take pics of the most? 

I work as brand and blog photographer, but I sooo much more enjoy travel photography. I love all kind of photography types: landscapes, places I visit, portraits, etc.

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