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The (un)successful Hunt for Belgian Castles


Belgian Castles

Abandoned yard in Chateau de Corroy.

This one Saturday evening we decided that, as we have seen probably all of the most important and well-known objects in Belgium, we should search for something else. And then we realized that this country is just full of many different castles. So, we found lists of 200 and more Belgian castles, narrowed it down to 30 and found 10 that were closest to us.

We were really hyped of how much we were going to see in one day. So, we sat in a car and went towards the first object. Soon we realized that our trip won’t be as successful as we would’ve wished.

The first castle was nowhere to be found and Google Maps just left us in a middle of nowhere. The second castle was under reconstruction. The third one was in a private area and only from the fourth time we finally got to see a castle!

All in all, from 10 castles that we were supposed to see, we saw 3 and 1 that wasn’t even on our list.

So let us introduce you to those Fantastic 4 we managed to visit!

  1. Château de Vêves
  2. Château de Walzin
  3. Château de Fagnolles
  4. Castle of Corroy-le-Château

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