The (un)successful Hunt for Belgian Castles

Château de Walzin

Château de Walzin


Château de Walzin was definitely one of the castles we were really eager to see. So, though the weather wasn’t really good, we were excited when we finally gazed this masterpiece of Belgian castles.

This castle seemed pretty not only to our eye. Actually it seemed so beautiful to famous Victor Hugo, who even took a paintbrush and painted this beautiful castle.

What L. has to say about Château de Walzin

We had the highest expectations about this one, and reality truly met them. For me, Château de Walzin was the most beautiful one from all the others we have seen that day. And it’s not due to the castle itself. The landscape is the thing that makes it special.

Castle stands on the cliff above the Lesse River, and is surrounded by forests and hills. The one regret that we had there, was that we visited on the grey time of the year. I imagine that it should look simply superb during spring, summer, or autumn.

What P. has to say about Château de Walzin

It’s not the easiest castle to reach by GPS. Once you get to the spot, to which you are lead by Google Maps, it seems that you should go to somewhere else. Gladly, we walked around and found a bridge over the river, which allows to walk alongside the river and see the castle.

And the castle was really something else. Despite the weather and the fact that we were quite nervous and exhausted after not seeing what we wished for, this castle really calmed us down. It was beautiful and unique and was really worth visiting.

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