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5 Best Day Trips from Brussels, Belgium


If you ask me, the best things about visiting Brussels are its Grand Place, Marolles Flea Market and the variety of awesome day trips that you can take! Take a glance at the map, Dear Reader. Every part of Western Europe is easily reachable: France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, just several hours and you are already in the United Kingdom! Brussels is a perfect location for exploring Europe, isn’t it?

After half a year living outside the Brussels, we believe that we took quite a lot of this distance advantage and now we could easily give you a tour not only around the best of Belgium cities, but also through many of the Dutch, French, German, or Luxembourg’s top destinations. What is more, since I am constantly blabbing about every tiny thing that we have discovered on our trips, today I am going to share something really, really useful!

Let’s imagine. You came to Brussels for a weekend or more. Explored its city center, admired the Grand Place (both day and night!), watched a sunset over Mont-des-Arts, had a morning walk in Marolles Flea Market, and now you are looking for ideas how to take the most from this trip. Then you remember this blog post about best day trips from the capital of Belgium. After some time you remember where it was published, so you open that small, but really cool blog, and read it again. After doing that, you jump into a comfy pair of shoes, then – straight to the train station and… And leave towards one of the following destinations.

Best Belgian day trip destinations!

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