5 Best Day Trips from Brussels, Belgium



Leuven Grote Markt.

Located in the central part of the country, Leuven is famous for the Catholic University of Leuven, the oldest university in the coastal part of Western Europe and the oldest Catholic university in the world. So, as you can guess, this fact means two things. Firstly, city has a very long and rich history, which leads to the rich culture and marvelous architecture. And that is a fact! Leuven radiates his good manners, not to mention his looks – the city is spectacular! Secondly, Leuven is a city ruled by students and this made him forever young and vibrant.

In addition, Leuven is only half an hour away from Brussels, so if you want to avoid spending time in the car, train or bus as much as it is possible, then Leuven is your city!

Distance from Brussels: 30 kilometers

Don’t miss: Grote Markt square, Munstraat street, Leuven University library, the Oude Markt square.

Route: here.

More information: here.

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