Bridges from All Around Europe


Bridges are perhaps the most invisible form of public architecture.

Bruce Jackson

We all love cities with the majestic rivers or charming canals floating in them, don’t we, Dear Reader? Quite often bridges are the final accent that makes those rivers and canals so special. Also, the beautiful solutions which people had found in order to cross those rivers, in some way, can reflect the culture and the manners of those who live there.

Over the time we have collected a gallery of the examples that bridges not necessarily are the most invisible form of architecture. In addition, today we would love to share it with you, as an inspiration for getting to know more about the lands over which those bridges are build. So, Dear Reader, here are the most spectacular examples of invisible architecture that we have discovered in Europe so far!

Merchant’s Bridge in Germany

Erfurt, Germany.

Kramerbrücke, or the Merchant’s Bridge is located in the heart of medieval city of Erfurt in eastern Germany. The thing that makes this bridge so intriguing is that it is lined up with inhabited authentic timber-framed houses. This gives Kramerbrücke its extraordinary looks and it also forms a super charming street inside the bridge.

1200 Bridges in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bridges over the canals in Amsterdam could have a separate article! There are more than 1200 of those, and the oldest is fast moving towards its 400 birthday. Though most of them are small and quite a simple-looking, we believe that they are the final piece which makes those canals look so great!

Bastei Bridge in Germany

Saxon Switzerland, Germany.

Basteibrücke is one of the most beautiful sights to see in the outstanding national park of Saxon Switzerland. This famous bridge is located on the Bastei rock formation 200 meters above the river Elbe. It is surrounded by the mountains that reminds of the wet sand castles we used to build on the beach when we were little. While standing on one of the astonishing Saxon Switzerland peaks and admiring the view of Basteibrücke, you can witness the harmony between unbelievable nature and man-made beauty.

Jambes Bridge in Namur

Namur, Belgium.

Bridge of Jambes is a 17th century arch bridge that stretches across the lovely river Meuse in the city of Namur. This old and authentic example of Belgian architecture is one of the main symbols of the city. Jambes Bridge is the main connection between Namur and the vibrant neighboring town of Jambes.

Peephole Bridge in Belgium

Tournai, Belgium.

Pont des Trous, or Peephole Bridge is built over the river Scheldt in the lovely Belgian town of Tournai. This bridge dates back to the start of the 13th century and is considered to be one of the oldest and the most prestigious examples of medieval military architecture in Belgium. Looks really unique, doesn’t it?

Bridges in the City of Bridges

Brugge, Belgium.

Did you know that the name of Brugge derives from the word ‘brugga‘ meaning bridge in Old Dutch? Yup. And this name is found from the early 9th century! So, it is one more strong reason for putting Brugge on your bucket list!

Dom Luís I Bridge in Porto

Porto, Portugal.

Dom Luís I Bridge is a double-deck metal arch bridge built over the picturesque river Douro in Porto. Reminds of something, doesn’t it? Of some other famous building maybe? Yup, Dear Reader, you’re right! It is the sibling of the Eiffel Tower. Constructed by the famous Gustav Eiffel back in the 19th century, by the time it was built it had the longest span of its type in the world! The ground floor of the bridge is dedicated for cars, the upper – for trams (metro) and for the wanderers, who seek to find one of the most beautiful spots for sunset in Europe.

Arrábida Bridge in Porto

Porto, Portugal.

Arrábida Bridge is the younger brother of the Luis I, located just a few kilometers closer to the Atlantic Ocean in Porto. Though with only one – upper – floor, and no space for admiring the sunset, Arrábida Bridge is also a spectacular architectural example to discover. Porto really is an exceptional city to visit!

The Pont Alexandre III Bridge in Paris

Paris, France.

Pont Alexandre III is an arch bridge built over the river Seine in the heart of Paris. It connects the quarter of Champs-Élysées with the Eiffel Tower and can easily be named as the most ornamented bridge in whole Paris. Just look at it – looks magnificent, doesn’t it?

St Michael’s Bridge in Ghent

Gent, Belgium.

St Michael’s Bridge spans over the peaceful small river of Leie in the heart of Ghent, and if you would ask for our opinion, it is probably the most elegant bridge in whole Belgium. What is more, while standing on this bridge, you can admire probably the most beautiful cityscape in, again, whole Belgium!

25 de Abril Bridge in Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal.

25 de Abril Bridge is built over the river Tagus and it connects Lisbon with the neighboring district of Almada. It is 27th longest bridge in the world that, due to its color and construction type, is usually compared with the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is really spectacular one, if you ask us. Especially, from the panoramic overlook with a giant Christ sculpture in the back!

Bridge of Alzette in Luxembourg City

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg.

We don’t know if this bridge has a name, but it sure is one of the loveliest spots in Luxembourg City. Built over the river Alzette in the old district of Grund, for us it is the most beautiful place to admire the city.

Devil’s Bridge in Germany

Kromlau, Germany.

Rakotzbrücke is located in Kromlau, Germany’s Kromlauer Park. This park is the largest in the Saxony region and was designed by Friedrich Herrmann Rötschke in the middle of the 19th century. It is built over a small lake where is practically no need for him – as a bridge – to be. Its main functions are: to look good, and to form a perfect circle by using its own reflection. We believe that its performance on both of these tasks is more than anyone should have expected before building it. It looks awesome!

The Oldest Bridge in the Netherlands

Maastricht, Netherlands.

Saint Servatius Bridge in the Dutch city of Maastricht is considered to be the oldest in whole country. Built over the river Meuse, this arch bridge is probably the most significant symbol of the charming city. And it is the perfect spot for admiring the sunset in Maaricht!

Final Thoughts

Well, Dear Reader, what do you think about our gallery? Which bridge seems to be the most interesting to you? For us it is Dom Luis I in Porto. With no doubt! Couldn’t imagine the more extraordinary place to admire the sun setting down. Not to mention Ribeira, the riverside under it! Definitely, one of the most vibrant places in Europe, both – day and night.

Waiting for your thoughts in the comments!

Yours, L.