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Admiring the Beauty of Brussels by Night



Architecture in Brussels Grand Place.

Brussels was the first place, that we have discovered in Belgium1. Back then we have heard various opinions about the capital of Belgium. Some people praised it, some said that there is nothing much to see, or do there. And, though, we really enjoyed our afternoon in Marolles Flea Market, but we had to agree, that Brussels didn’t charm us.


Evening in Brussels.

Later on, we have crossed this city not once, and not twice, but never made another stop to explore the city. Well, until last week, when our friends came, and on our way from Brugge, we decided to make a stop, and show them the most significant city of Belgium. Unexpectedly, we were the ones to be surprised by the beauty, that we saw that evening. Brussels by night, Dear Reader, is a totally different city, than it could look in the day time!

  1. Well, despite a small student city, which became our temporary home here.

About L.

She has a serious mental disorder, which is associated with the Harry Potter world. It is stated, that symptoms of uncommon behavior started when she read about the Hogwarts and the Wizardry World for the first time. Now she’s in her mid-20’s and is in constant search of magical signs all other the world.1 Another thing is that while travelling L. is acting like a little child in a toys shop – she is super excited and she wants everything. Due to this, she knows and sees a lot, but has difficulties in simply stopping and enjoying a moment.

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