Most Awesome Camera Accessories

My personal Olympus PEN E-P5.

Every self-respectful traveler has to have a camera. And it has too look awesome – because if it does, you make better pics. That’s why as soon as I got my first camera I started to go through web to find the coolest looking camera accessories that there is.

Personally, for my first camera I got Olympus PEN E-P5. Of course, if I could’ve gone with what I really wanted I would’ve purchased the newest beauty from Olympus Pen series the PEN-F1. Also, I would prefer the all-black color scheme2. Or, if I would’ve had unlimited amount of money I would’ve gone with Leica, but that’s whole other story.. Still, I am very happy with my purchase.

I really wanted a camera that would be easy to carry and to use on-the-move. I’ve been looking through a lot of compact cameras, but my Russian friend, who is very much into photography convinced me that Olympus is probably the best camera for beginners. First of all, it makes quality cameras. Secondly, it has a nice variety of high quality lenses. Third, while comparing to other brands they are cheaper. Finally, overall about compact cameras – bigger lenses on smaller bodies have also a bad-ass look3.

Also, in my opinion, the PEN-series just look cool. And as much as it is stupid to make your decisions depending on looks of cameras – I just can’t help myself. I love the retro look that this camera has. When taking pictures with this camera you just feel cooler. I believe, that this type of confidence boost is just good for you in order to get better results.


J. B. Designs hand grip – one of the coolest camera accessories on market

Basic hand grips made by manufacturers are most of the time boring and also expensive. Of course, some of them have some neat and useful features, which are practical.. But this post is not about that. If we’re looking for a awesome looking hand grip – J. B. Designs is definitely the right choice.

J.B. Moore, is the one who runs J.B. Camera Designs. This man happens to be a passionate photographer as well as talented craftsman. This allows him to create artisan grips for mirror-less cameras.

camera accessories
J. B. Handgrips on my current camera and on the ones I hope one day to own.

Now, unfortunately I still don’t own the hand grip for my Olympus E-P5, but I am getting it soon. It’s really a must have from all the camera accessories that you can choose from.


The strap

When looking for camera straps there’s a much wider variety of products to choose from. Probably the best place to go and search for a unique and original strap is

From all the sellers that I’ve went through I narrowed the list to final four.

4. Lance Camera Straps


These were most favorite ones for L. Me, personally, I haven’t found those very nice or good looking. Still, I see why someone would like to buy a strap like this.

The only problems that I see with these straps is that 1) it will really hurt your neck, especially if the camera is a bit heavier. You will probably get some abrasions on your skin eventually. 2) I can’t see why such product could be so expensive. 75 bucks for this type of strap just doesn’t seem fair.

3. Vintage camera strap from HalcyOnDetroit


I love everything that has this old vintage look and this strap is no exception. It has this classy look as if it was made from granddad’s suspenders.

From pictures it looks like it has nice quality. Though, I am not sure about the price (~ 30 bucks4). I am not really convinced that it’s fair for a short strap, which looks like it could be easily done if you find an old suspenders and go to the nearest sewing shop. I believe that it would cost no more than 10 bucks to achieve the same result. If I really wanted a strap like this I would probably do this type of strap myself.

2. Playful camera straps by MihotchStitch


If you are a little bit more playful person, I believe, that these straps are just perfect. It combines a bit of a childish look with nice and retro looking fabrics. That way these camera accessories get a very unique and original appearance.

I also believe that the price for this product is much more fair than for the previous ones. It costs ~24 bucks5.

1. Camera straps made by LembergLeather

Now these camera straps got to me the moment I saw them. The leather quality seems just awesome. Not only the price is fair for this awesome looking, high-quality product (~ 31 bucks6), you get much more value than only a strap.

The price includes not only a strap, but a linen bag, wooden camera model7 and extra hardware set. If that’s not enough – every item is custom made – you can order your strap with a personalized initials and monogram printed on it. This is just mad and awesome. I am definitely getting one in the near future!!


The tripod

This was the hardest task to solve. The variety of tripods is huge. I admit that on my quest of finding the perfect tripod my first Google search was – vintage camera tripod. After all the browsing I decided that the best looking tripods are the wooden ones.

The best way to find them for a cheap price is to search on Etsy for used ones. And I will tell you why. The new ones are just incredibly expensive. Of course, that is because wooden tripods are very durable. Also they’re handcrafted and are used by professionals who buy cameras for thousands and then an expensive tripod doesn’t seem that expensive.

First of all here are some more reasonably priced tripods8 on

Still I am not sure that these would be very good for using while you’re travelling and they probably are best for decor or if you have a home studio. So if you want a really good wooden tripod you have to go to the professionals.

First of all, I want to mention this internet paradox – if a product is really serious and high quality most of the time it has the worst looking websites that seem to be 10-15 y.o. The reason for that is these type of manufacturers don’t give a fuck about their internet presence – if you really need their product, you won’t care about how their website looks like.

Ries Tripod


Ries Tripod company was established in 1936 by four Ries brothers from Hollywood, California. These dudes saw a need for light-weight, high quality, easy-to-use and most importantly steady tripods for filming movies in Hollywood. So, if you’re buying this product you’re not only buying a tripod, but also a piece of movie-industry history.

One of the best early 1900’s photographers used Ries tripods and believed that these are the best camera accessories of this type that you can get. This reputation is still with the company and that is why the price for these tripods is just staggering. For example, the A100-2 tripod is really a nice looking piece, which would be really nice to own. Unfortunately, it costs more than 1 000 bucks. The smallest one that is described as a back-packer costs at least 624 bucks.

Well, one day… 

Tripods by Berlebach


This company was found in 1898 in Germany by Peter Otto Berlebach. It’s the oldest tripod factory in Germany and the only one tripod factory in the world that has been producing tripods since the end of 19th century, which is really impressive.

So, of course, Berlebach tripods are also not the cheapest ones. Still, they are much cheaper than the ones offered by Ries tripods. Not that good looking, but depending on reviews found on internet also very durable and does their job pretty well.

The cheapest tripod will cost you 129 Euros. The most expensive one  – 778 Euros, which is almost as much as the cheapest one by Ries.


So there you have it – list of my most favorite and desirable camera accessories for my Olympus PEN E-P5. Actually, while writing this post I have ordered the J. B. Designs hand-grip for my camera.

What are your most favorite and desirable camera accessories? Tell me in comments. 

  1. Olympus PEN-F
    She’s a beauty..  
  2. Olympus PEN E-P5 All-Black
    Looks classy.
  3. Russian friend’s camera
    Here we have Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II body with Olympus 7-14mm F2.8 M.ZUIKO Digital ED PRO lens.
  4. ~28 Euros
  5. 22 Euros
  6. ~28 Euros
  7. Well, maybe this is not necessary
  8. some of them are used for other purposes, like for lamps, but, I believe, that they could be used for cameras as well