Christmas Wonderland in Lithuania

When talking about Christmas, Lithuania is country with all the essential elements. Snow and snowflakes, ice and icicles, Christmas trees in the forests and city squares – they all are here for winter.

And so are we! I love Christmas mood in Lithuania.  And since this year was no exception – I had a chance to be here when it started floating in the air, I want to share some visual argumentation about December awesomeness in Lithuania.

Look, Dear Reader, how gorgeously this country looks! We surely know how to decorate our Christmas trees.

Vilnius. Capital city of Lithuania

Under the Christmas Cloak

As the title of the city suggest itself, Vilnius simply needs to look flawlessly. And as I see it, this year capital of Lithuania had done a wonderful job while getting ready for Christmas.

City’s main Christmas tree is located in the Cathedral Square – central part of the city. There aren’t a lot of decorations on the tree, but there is one huge detail that makes it unique and astonishing. It’s the beautiful, white, shiny cloak that surrounds green as a smaragd Christmas tree.

Christmas Market in Cathedral Square

This majestic Christmas tree is surrounded by small wooden houses that forms a cosy Vilnius Christmas Market. With the smell of pancakes, donuts and hot wine, this Market makes Vilnius Cathedral square the Christmas capital in Lithuania. 

Kaunas. Heart of Lithuania

Christmasy Kaunas Town Hall

Just between us, Dear Reader, every year Vilnius and Kaunas are competing over which city’s Christmas tree is cooler. And first days of December is the peak of it! 

Though I simply love them both, but, just between us, I am more of the Kaunas-style Christmas trees! The thing that I love the most about them, is that each year there is an interesting installation linked with city’s main tree. This year Kaunas Christmas tree is located on a spinning kids carousel! How awesome is that?! 

Simple, but charming!

What is more, everywhere you go in the old town of Kaunas, flashing lights will follow you. Colorfully lighted theatre building, shinning rooftops of Kaunas Castle, flashing gardens of interwar Presidential Office, kids carousels and trains at the confluence of Nemunas and Neris rivers. In winter period, Kaunas is the heart of Lithuania!

Raudondvaris. In the classiest Renaissance Manor

10 kilometers outside Kaunas city there is a manor which is this year’s winner in Christmas decorating for me. This manor is located in the small town of Raudondvaris, and is considered to be one of the classiest Renaissance type of manors in Lithuania.

Magical winter mood in Raudondvaris

This year Raudondvaris Manor surpassed everything that I have seen during my winter holidays in Lithuania. The first astonishing thing about the decorations was that the main part of the trees in the territory of the manor were all covered in beautiful rain decorations. It made the view and the atmosphere – magical! 

Birth of baby Jesus!

But it was just the start, because next thing surpassed everything! In the corner of an old mews (which, by the way, were all shining brightly as a diamond) stood two decorative horses with a Cinderella’s carriage behind them. And if it would be not enough, behind this fairytale-view stood a gracious and spectacular Raudondvaris Christmas tree.

And if even that seems not enough for you, Dear Reader, our beloved Christmas hits were pulsing through the air on maximum volume! You just can’t fight with such a strong holiday mood in the air. Lithuania has already infected me with this year’s Christmas spirit! 

Oh, those Vilnius angels!

Is it already Christmas for you, Dear Reader? I’m waiting for your holiday thoughts in the comments!

Yours, L.