Exploring Germany: 3 Layers of Charming Cochem

One sunny January morning, Friday to be precise, we set out for a day road trip to explore the beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate state in Western Germany. The main attraction that led us there was one of the most beautiful castles in Germany. Nope, not the Neuschwanstein. Yes, the Eltz Castle! But let’s take a pause in this topic – Eltz awesomeness deserves a separate story, and we will tell you it in the near future. There is something we need to share before it.

That one sunny January Friday was a really lucky day for us. We have discovered three beautiful, at some part even a bit mind-blowing places, and about one of them is today’s story, Dear Reader. One of the three places discovered that day was Cochem, the iconic town of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Have you heard about Cochem?

Cochem is small town, with only 5 thousand inhabitants, in the picturesque area of Moselle Valley. Actually, the geographical location is the thing that makes this town so special. River Moselle divides city and its hilly surroundings into two parts, which leaves Cochem situated on the two steepy hills: to the left and to the right to River Moselle. Oh, sorry for my manners. Of course these parts has their names! It’s the districts of Sehl and Cond.

Cochem. A pearl of Moselle Valley.

What is more, hilly surroundings and picturesque River Moselle makes Cochem an attraction of hiking enthusiasts. You can walk, hike, trek for miles here, and you’ll definitely won’t feel bored, Dear Reader! And here we have a chain reaction going on. Since people here come to relax, run away from all the work-stress and have peaceful time in the nature just with their beloved hobbies, Cochem has gained this resort-aura like the spa or skiing towns does. The moment we stepped out of the car, was the moment we shared a thought that it reminds of our skiing trips. Just without the snow, obviously!

Twisty alleys and narrow streets of Cochem.

Anyway, there is more of Cochem than only the unique and picturesque nature, or the relaxing atmosphere. Actually, I can’t get rid of the thought that Cochem is a three-layered creation of the generous nature and wise inhabitants. In other words, I see three perspectives through which the city can be adored, and I want to present them all to you, Dear Reader. From the bottom to the top it’s the river promenades, twisty alleys above them, and the castle on top of all that beauty. 

Romance of River Moselle

According to the official page of the city, Cochem is located in the most romantic part of the Moselle Valley. Though, we neither can confirm, nor deny this fact, but we surely can say that river floats, and curves, and looks very romantic here. However, Moselle is nothing without the low mountain ranges that surrounds and protects it. And, what is more, those hills together with the care of the Moselle grow some of the best Rieslings in Europe. So, imagine this, Dear Reader. Two low mountain ranges, separated by the beautiful river, with the charming streets and vineyards on them. It’s a truly romantic view!

River Moselle in Cochem.

Another thing about River Moselle in Cochem is the beautiful promenades. As much time as you can spend hiking, you can dedicate for walking alongside the river. Those promenades also last for miles: you can explore both sides of the river, and even easily reach a neighbouring towns. Which, by the way, are also full of romance and charm.

Charm of twisty alleys and narrow streets

It’s something that Germany can really be proud. The charm of twisty and narrow streets with the timber-framed architecture is widespread throughout the country. And Cochem isn’t an exception!

Authenticity in Cochem.

The best thing about such a small towns like Cochem, is that their authenticity is usually fully preserved: their little streets are cherished and filled with the relaxing atmosphere. It’s a bright and shinny town – you won’t find any trash in the street, or modern buildings that pops out from the general picture of the city. And these features makes Cochem a perfect destination for an afternoon wanderings!

Charmin Cochem.

Sadly, we hadn’t all afternoon for wandering in Cochem, so we explored just the several of the twisty alleys. And though I really felt like leaving a lot unseen behind, but it was enough time for us to be covered in the charm of this lovely town.

Elegance of restored Reichsburg Castle

Finally, when you have explored river promenades, and the streets above it, there is time to discover the star of the city – the elegant Reichsburg Castle. Personally for me, Reichsburg Castle stands like the crown of the city. It has the greatness and the elegance, and it generously shares all its charm with the city.

Reichsburg Castle looks like a crown of Cochem.

It doesn’t matter which alley or promenade you take, you will never lose a sight of Reichsburg. It’s always above the city. Watching its beautiful lands quietly, but proudly at the same time. And as much as Cochem is unique for it’s natural landscape, as much it is wonderful for its man-made masterpieces.

So, what do you think about my three-layer concept, Dear Reader? Can you imagine Cochem as I see it? With the castle on top of the old town, and the old town on top of the river? Hope you do.

Waiting for your thoughts in the comments!

Yours, L.