Destination of the Month: Utrecht with Friends!



Every month of the year we visit a lot of different and spectacular places. Some we enjoy more and some we enjoy less, though each and every has a special place in our memory. Finally, there are places that absolutely astonishes us and engraves deep not only in our minds, but also in our hearts.

This April (2017) we have visited:

  • Hanover (Germany)
  • Lille (France)
  • Hallerbos Forest (Belgium)


To begin with, this month was a very special one, because most of the destinations that we visited, we visited with our dear friends! Though most of the places we have visited on our week-long journey was familiar to us, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t made some great discoveries. When you travel with such a great company as we did, the a bit familiar destinations gains a completely new look. We made detours that we didn’t do the previous times, we experienced new things, tried new activities, but most importantly – we saw things through the eyes of the company. Great emotions and laughter make everything look better!

Therefore, this month we decided to invite our wonderful travel companions to participate in nominating Destination of the Month together with us. With the help of Ms. A, Mr. T and Mr. E., we nominated Utrecht – April’s Destination of the Month!

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