How would your dream van look like?

Have you ever thought about how your dream van for a perfect road trip would look like? Or maybe you are searching for some creative ideas for one? Either way, join me as I am trying to put up how my dream van should look like.

Lately I was going through Pinterest and Google about the most creative and good looking ideas for a van. And, of course, I was in a complete awe because of what people’s imagination can lead to. I found pictures of people having dishwashers, small zen gardens, hammocks and all other crazy stuff inside their vehicles. Actually, before this I never thought that a stove would be necessary in a van, but right now it seems almost like a necessity.

Unfortunately, with everything that I believe is needed a stove just won’t fit inside my dream van. So here we go..

The Body of a Dream Van

As I am a person who loves vintage stuff, I wasn’t looking for anything that’s been manufactured in the last 25 years. Of course, an absolute vintage classic if we’re talking about vans is the Splittie or 1st generation’s VW Type 21. These vans are an absolute beauties, you can’t argue with that. Still, for my taste I was looking for something more rough and not so hippy-ish...

As I was browsing through the internet it became clear to me, that Americans were the ones to produce the most well-looking vans around. 1st generation Ford Econoline2 was an absolute beauty, as well as, the 2nd generation3. Also I must recognize how awesome did the Dodge A100 Sportsman4 van looked like. All of these designs are old, but, in my opinion, most of the van designs that followed after early-90’s are just simply ugly.

Finally, after looking through many different awesome old-school vans I had to decide which design was the best. For me a clear winner was the 3rd generation Chevy G20. If the previous models were not that well-known, then G20 definitely is one of the most iconic vans in history. It was the base for the famous A-Team van and also it was used in Scooby-Doo movies to replicate the Mystery Machine. So, I believe, it is a perfect choice for a legendary road trip.

3rd generation Chevy G20

dream van

The 3rd generation Chevy vans were produced during the period of 1971-1995. Naturally, the van specifications and appearance has changed during the quarter-century. My personal favorite for it’s looks has to be 1992. It got a nice face-lift, which is made the looks a bit cooler than the previous versions. Also, I am not a fan of the for headlight design – the standard version looks more classy.

For colors I really loved the model in the picture above. In fact, I would say, this is almost a perfect example of how my dream van should look like. The rims, large window in the back, grills.. Everything looks perfect.

Still it has some adjustments that I would love to make…


pop top
Rock n’ roll.

I imagine my perfect road trip while travelling together with 5 more people. In this case, you need as much space to sleep in the van as possible.

That is why pop-top is definitely a must-have for my dream-van. I admit that each time I go camping I am really not a big fan of setting up the tent. This is a perfect solution for such problem as well as it helps to save up more space in the vehicle.

With pop-tops you can camp almost wherever you like.

Tops come in different types. There are angle-rise versions (V-tops); straight-up pops (T-tops) and low-profile – hence the GTRV5 label.

My personal favorite is the straight-up pops. This way you get the most additional space to set up all of your tent interior.



Inside of the van is approximately 330×130 cm. As I’ve mentioned we will try to make this van comfortable to sleep for 6 people. Two of them already has a place on the roof in their pop-top tent. The remaining four will have to fit inside the van.

As this is my dream van I am just gonna let myself put the interior the way I like. 

We got the backseats (1) and front seats (4), which turn into four normal size beds. To do that the table (2) and the mid-seats (3) folds, and both beds rises a little bit up and covers the table and the seats. Voilà! Here we have four more beds in the van6.

The interior should be made of leather and wood. Colors should be a little bit darker, though pretty similar to the colors of the van.

Unfortunately, because we’re focusing on making more space for sleeping, we can’t add a lot of gadgets inside the van. But, we will have a fridge in the back to have some cold beverages there.

Van shower


Every time when you’re on the road the main problems are where to sleep and where to shower. As we have solved the sleeping problem, the only remaining one is where to wash ourselves.

So, while going through lots of different ideas for vans this one seemed the most practical. In the back of the van we put a water-pump, which provides water to a shower which is installed in the tailgate of a trunk. It also has covers, to get the privacy.

You can attach the hose of a pump to any source of water and enjoy a morning shower wherever you are.


This is my dream van. How would yours look like? Share in comments!

  1. 1st gen VW Type 2
    Image via
  2. 1st gen Ford Econoline
    image via
  3. 2nd gen Ford Econoline

    image via
  4. Dodge A100 Sportsman
    image via
  5. Garageable Top RV
  6. Seats

    This should give you not a bad idea of how the seats should look like. Though they would be a bit more fancy.