Dresden: Jewel Box in Eastern Germany

Road trips are cool! If not road trips, we would definitely miss half of the traveling-fun. For example, we probably would have never visited Dresden and Saxony, if we would have decided to travel home – from Belgium to Baltics – by plane. But we are two smart people, so we chose wisely!  That’s how we had a chance to see the city commonly known as the Jewel Box.

Dresden is a capital city of the beautiful Saxony region in the eastern part of Germany. City is located on the banks of river Elbe and is near the border with both, Poland and Czech Republic. Dresden is considered to be one of the most evolved cities in eastern part of Germany, and one of the most popular tourist destination in whole country.

And that’s not strange at all. Dresden is amazing! During our road trip we hadn’t had enough time to explore Dresden as good city guests should do. But we sure did find some interesting stuff that we hope will be an inspiration for you, Dear Reader, to visit and discover this city yourself. So get ready, concentrate – you need to hear and see what we have to tell you!

Beautiful Dresden

Some of the facts

As mentioned before, Dresden is a capital city of Saxony which makes it the most important place in the region. This city is founded in the early Medieval Times and for long years was a residence of kings of Saxony. This means that since 13th century city had been cherished and nourished with high care. In later periods of history, due to its spectacular baroque architecture, city even gain a commonly known nickname – Jewel Box.

Rooftop of Zwinger Palace, which during WWII was destroyed to the ground

Sadly, as we acknowledged during our stay, modern times weren’t so glorious as the early history of Dresden. During World War II city had lived through a terrible bombings. It took more than 25 000 lives, many of whom were civilians, and destroyed over 90 percent of historic city center.

Luckily, nowadays such a tragedy isn’t visible anymore. A big part of destroyed architectural sights are beautifully rebuilt and renovated.

Some of our experience

Dresden showed us the greatness that can be rarely found in other cities. It reminds a bit of the majesty that Vienna1 owns. There is something that makes you feel a little bit kingly while wandering in the streets of Dresden. It probably has to do with rich rotund architecture and majestic buildings. In addition to this, with river Elbe, astonishing bridges above it and lovely atmosphere in the streets, Dresden lifts its guests above their daily routine.

Semperoper Opera House

Some of our discoveries

Today rebuilt old town of Dresden has to offer variety of activities. Despite our lack of time, we managed to discover and experience a bouquet of wonderful sights here.

Firstly, we loved restored rococo Zwinger Palace in the heart of old town. Built in 18th century as part of fortress, now Zwinger is transformed into a wealthy art gallery. It was one of the buildings brutally destroyed during WW II, but now, luckily, it is beautifully restored. We hadn’t got a chance to see its famous art collection, but we really enjoyed walking in the inner garden and admiring astonishing architecture.

Dresden Cathedral

Secondly, Dresden Cathedral, Castle, Opera House and surrounding streets left us simply fascinated. While strolling around those beautiful buildings we felt some kind of Medieval-times-greatness floating in the air. In other words, we got the impression that Dresden’s rich history is perfectly preserved in the architecture of the city.

Dresden Castle

Thirdly, we had wonderful breakfast in one of the nice bakeries in the market square. We loved how cosy German cafes and bakeries are and how tasty their pastry is. After all, good breakfast = wonderful day! And, by the way, we were there when Christmas market was started to built, and I think that Dresden should look simply amazing during winter holiday period.

Finally, I think that all great cities have to have a river floating through it, and Dresden has a wonderful one. River Elbe and all the beautiful bridges above it were the cherry on top of all the amazing places for a stroll in Dresden.

Ornaments on Zwinger Palace


Dresden was a perfect stop during long road trip for us – it surpassed all of our expectations. City had everything that we wanted to find: great accommodation deals, cosy atmosphere, rich historic background, astonishing architecture, charming streets and squares with charming cafes and bakeries in them, green parks, beautiful landscape and city surroundings with river Elbe in the background.

To sum up, if you found yourself in Eastern Germany, Dresden is a wonderful choice to spend a day in!

City is full of beautiful details

What are your thoughts about this Jewel Box, Dear Reader? Waiting for them in the comments!

Yours, L. 

  1. Capital of Austria.