Standing on the Edge of the Perfect Scenery

There are a lot of people who suffers from the fear of heights. But, if we forget about the safety factor for a moment.. I wonder, is there a person who doesn’t like to admire world from up above? The view from towers and rooftops, hills and mountains, observation wheels or scenic overlooks? Personally, I love to stand on the edge while coping with the powerful view which had opened up in front of me. 

‘Edge’, the theme of this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge inspired me to interpret some of my favorite moments – photos, which have been taken while standing on the edge of the spectacular scenery.

I hope, Dear Reader, you will find here something, that will become a place you’ll wish to visit in the future.  Here are the view from the edges, that I succeeded to capture.

On the edge in…

… Peneda-Geres National Park, Portugal


Miradouro at the highest point of the Peneda-Geres National Park in North Portugal offers a spectacular panoramic view in all directions.

… Etna, Sicily, Italy


Well, the feeling which comes while standing at the top of vibrant Etna’s crater is a perfect illustration for a bit more frightening interpretation of the word edge.  However, Etna made me feel how small I am compared to the majestic mother nature.

… Serra de Estrela Mountains, Portugal


While hiking at the Serra de Estrella, we had plenty of moments to sense the fantastic feeling, that we are standing on the edge of the world.

… Dubrovnik, Croatia


For me Dubrovnik’s Walls are the edge that frames and preserves unique and astonishing city, its people, vibrant atmosphere, architecture and landscape. While walking on them, I felt like walking on the edge of the rich and old town’s history.

… Nazare, Portugal


3 layers of Nazare from the edge of the upper part of the town: orange rooftops, sandy beach and electric ocean.

… Rome, Italy


Standing on the edge of the dome of St Peter’s Basilica and overlooking to the majestic Rome.. Breathtaking feeling.

… Porto, Portugal


In my opinion, river Douro is the reason why there are so many scenic viewpoints in Porto. For example here, at the edge of Vila Nova de Gaia I have watched probably the most beautiful sunset ever. And I have to admit, that I’m not a huge fan of such a romantic activities. 

… Vilnius, Lithuania


Having lunch at the edge of Vilnius TV tower restaurant is an interesting experience. This restaurant at the top of the tower slowly rotates offering 360-degree view to the old town, green city’s parks, rivers and suburbs.

… Lagoa, Portugal


I think, Dear Reader, you will agree that there is nothing like standing on the edge of the cliff and admiring the electric blue ocean. Plus, knowing that several minutes later you will swim and sunbathe there. Not to mention, if it’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe – Praia da Marinha.

… Preveli, Crete, Greece


It is quite a challenge to reach Preveli, a.k.a Palm Beach in Crete. However, with the river flowing from the mountains, crystal clear Liberian Sea and palm park, it’s not enough to admire it from the edge of the hill.

… Lamego, Portugal


668 spectacular stairs up from Lamego center and we are standing on the edge of the Santuário de Nossa Senhora dos Remédios. I have to admit, it was quite a challenge to climb there, but the view and baroque architecture were worth it. 

… Montserrat, Spain


This place is worth each traveler’s time. Peacefulness is a synonym for those misty mountains and standing on the edge of them is the best way to feel that. 

… Noto, Sicily, Italy


Standing on the edge of the rooftop and overlooking the beautiful Noto, an example of 17th century baroque town in Sicily. A moment that I remember for a long time.

… Sibenik, Croatia


And again the view from the Walls in Croatia. This time we are admiring the spectacular view on the edge of old fortresses walls in Sibenik.

… Sintra National Park, Portugal


Praia da Ursa and the view from the edge of the cliffs, that guards this beach, is probably my #1 place to remember. Sharp peaks, majestic Atlantic Ocean, empty beach – everything is perfect there. 

… Labanoras National Park, Lithuania


View from the edge of panoramic tower in the woods of Lithuania. Everywhere you look, lakes and pine peaks will accompany you. Not to mention, that perfect pine scent in the air.. 

Have any of these moments intrigued you? I would like to hear which of these pics interested you, Dear Reader, the most. Or have you already visited some of these? In that case, I insist you share your memories and experience in comments. 

Yours, L.