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5 Cities to Visit in Flemish Region, Belgium


Flemish Region

City of Gent. Charming canals are common here in Flemish region.

There couldn’t be one strong solid description for Belgium as a travel destination. There is the French-Belgium and the Dutch-Belgium. At first it is kind a hard to understand how such a small country as Belgium can have three national languages and two major differently speaking regions. But, well, after half a year in this country it is obvious that these two parts – Wallonia and Flemish region, couldn’t ever speak the same language. Why, you ask. Because they think and behave completely differently, they believe and emphasis completely different things, they have evolved from completely different cultures. But, to be fair there is something in common. Two things, to be precise. And that’s why they are as the synonyms for Belgium as a solid unity. Yes, Dear Reader, it is only chocolate and beer that unites them.

Flemish Region

City of Antwerpen. Grote Markt squares are spectacular here in Flemish region.

When we first arrived to Belgium we started exploring country from our neighborhood – the French speaking Wallonia region. And, I think, we did quite a good and very pleasant job there. Nevertheless, when we broadened our horizons into the Flemish backyard, the biggest discoveries begun. We have already shared each and every one of them with you, Dear Reader, but today we will put them all here, into one place, as a reminder of how much beauty are waiting for you there.

So we invite you to follow Next to find 5 cities that you definitely have to see in the Flemish region of Belgium. 

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