The Beauty of Small Towns in France

This medieval church stands on the grounds of Le Bourg-Dun, Normandy. Sadly, we haven’t captured more of Normandy, the region that we both enjoyed the most.

The beauty of driving through France is the small towns and villages, that you have a chance to visit. Despite the fact, that I haven’t seen as much, as I would like to, I have already crossed this country two times and it is enough to know, that each small town is a masterpiece in France.

What makes little French towns so special and unique? As I see it, it is the composition of flowers, shutters, colorful houses and creeper plants.  But that’s not all. There are also sweet central squares, bakeries, which fill the towns with croissant smell, cute parks and churches. And canals – canals with cascades or even a small mill houses. 

However, the thing that makes each and every town wonderful, is people and their creativity. Their creativity in decorating gardens, shutters, windowsills, central town squares is extra-ordinary and unique.

During two of our road trips, that led us towards and backwards from Portugal, I have captured some of that beauty with my phone camera. I want to share it with you for a little bit of inspiration, because I believe, that all wanderers should dedicate one of their journeys for the small towns in France. I think, we will do the same in the near future, because we haven’t seen even a small part of that beauty…

To be fair, there is one more reason for bringing up travel moments from France. Today is travel Tuesday! I am leaving Belgium for several days and going on an adventure with my mum. In the spring it was Rome, now it is Paris! Whoop! Whoop! Stay tuned

Until then, here is the beauty and creativity, that we captured in…

 Arbois, Bourgogne-Franche-Comté

It was a town-surprise for me. P. was having a nap after a long hours of driving, while I was driving through the Eastern part of the country. Arbois was on the left side of the main road, when I saw it. I wanted to stretch out a little bit, so I decided to make that left turn. And this is where we found ourselves!


Arbois won me other instantly! In a 20 minutes walk I found there three squares and all of them was decorated like from the cover of design magazine. I haven’t ever seen such a beautifully decorated little town.

Every part of little town was decorated with creativity: from squares to windowsills. Isn’t it charming? Also, I think, no matter how old the building is, if you put colorful shutters and flowers on it, it will look gorgeous!

In addition to the decoration thing, Arbois will be stuck in my memory for the tasty smell that fills all the air of the town. It was morning, when we arrived, and all the streets were fragranced with the smell of freshly baked pastry. Mmm… Yummy. 

Colmar, Alsace

We heard about the beauty of Colmar before, and we drove there on purpose to taste a bit of Alsace. But still, it was a surprise to see how gorgeous one small town can be!


Colmar has everything, that a perfectly charming town should have.
First, it has a lot of colors. Secondly, a lot of flowers.

Third, people there have a creative perspective of living. Yup, there are pink Crocs hung above the window. Yup, it really looks cool. 

img_5306Fourth, this little town smells good! Everybody loves the smell of lavenders, and there are a lot of them in Colmar.

Fifth, it has The Architecture. Majestic buildings or fountains can’t compete with the charm, of this town’s architecture. The thing, that I enjoyed the most, is those wooden columns, that decorate each of the facades in the town.

Sixth, it has unique collection of shutters! Each house have found a way to make them more creative than their neighbors.
Are there hearts moving around the apartment when the sun is shining?? 

Finally, it has canals and little boats floating in them!

I really have never seen such a cute town! If you are driving through France, you have to stop to admire La Petite Venise

Amiens, Picardy

Amiens is a capital of Picardy, a region in Northern France. We visited it in the winter period, but it wasn’t gloomy at all. Interesting fact! The Cathedral, that you see in a photo, is not the only one in that part of the country. It turned out, that there are more towns in Northern France, that has almost the same looking Notre-Dame Cathedral in their main squares. However, it is a very spectacular piece of architecture. 


There is always one house, that pops up from the others. This one is probably the most extravagant in all the Amiens.

By the way, Amiens should be very interesting for the fans of Jules Verne writings. This town once was a home for this famous writer. 

So, Dear Reader, do you believe, that flowers, shutters and colorful facades can make life much more beautiful? What are your experiences in France? Tell me about the towns, that charmed you the most. I am waiting in the comments section.

Have a beautiful day!

Yours, L.