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Through the Eyes of a Local: Gabriele and his Sunny Livorno


LivornoAs our community on Instagram grows, we get to meet a lot of new people from a lot of different and amazing places! That is why we got this idea to not only share our own experiences in destinations we visit but to also talk with the locals about their cities. It is always interesting to hear what a person who ACTUALLY lives there has to say!

Livorno is a city in Italy and the biggest port of Tuscany region, located on a shore of turquoise Ligurian Sea. What is more, a city is in between the most famous Tuscany seaside destinations and just 20 minutes away from the leaning tower of Pisa. And so it happens, that our dear Instagram friend Gabriele, whose great pictures caught our eyes awhile ago, is lucky enough to call this beautiful part of Italy his home. And since we all love Italy and its sunny destinations, we decided to ask Gabriele to share his insider’s view of the city that lies on one of the most picturesque seasides in Europe.


Peaceful evening in Livorno by Gabriele.

Happily, Gabriele kindly agreed and today we can share his great stories about the city of Livorno!

We asked Gabriele about:

And here is what he told us! 

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