Through the Eyes of a Local: Gabriele and his Sunny Livorno

About the Local

About Our Local Friend

Meet our classy Italian guest!

As much, as we want to hear everything Gabriele has to tell us about Livorno, before doing that we would like to know more about our storyteller.

Once again, it is a pleasure having you here with us! To begin with, could you please introduce yourself?

I am Gabriele and I am a student at the University of Pisa. Earlier, I was a radio speaker and, also, I am a passionate photographer. I snap photos mainly because I like the general feeling and the idea of photography process.

When talking about traveling, due to economi crisis, I haven’t done that as much as I wanted to. Though I hope I will do it in the future! In fact, in August I am planning to leave for Corfu, Greece with my boyfriend.

Could you briefly introduce what place Livorno takes in your life?

Livorno is my hometown and one of my favourite cities in Italy. Let me explain why. Livorno is the youngest city in Tuscany, in terms of foundation, and it is one of the most dissimilar to the other cities of the region. That is one of the main reasons why I am so much in love with my city.

I have always been here and I want to die here, too.

It is so nice to hear about such an unconditional love and loyalty for your birthplace. It makes us want to visit Livorno even more!

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