Through the Eyes of a Local: Gabriele and his Sunny Livorno

Tourist Destination

Livorno as a Tourist Destination

Marble of Terrazza Mascagni captured by Gabriele.

It is time for some practical information! Gabriele convinced us that Livorno is a wonderful place to live, now let’s hear how great it is for tourists.

What is your opinion about Livorno as a tourist destination comparing to other cities you have visited? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

I believe that Livorno could be a good tourist attraction, but it cannot compete against the other Tuscan cities. The main problem is that the old city center was destroyed and not rebuilt properly after WWII. Though some of the good things were saved like the City Theatre or the old fortresses, nowadays it is quite modern and the prevailing architecture in the city center is mostly from 50s-60s.

Could you name five places that you would recommend to visit for every guest in Livorno?

Firstly, Terrazza Mascagni: it is a terrace that faces the sea. It is a perfect place to spend some time sitting and simply thinking about the things that are on your mind. Or maybe for eating gelato!

Secondly, Quartiere Venezia Nuova: it is the most interesting district of the city. It is based on canals and water is the main element there. You can find a lot of good restaurants and a couple of unique churches to visit.

Thirdly, Mercato Centrale: it is a huge central market and its architecture is beautiful! What is more, inside you can find basically every type of food and fish.

Fourthly, Santuario di Montenero: it is a sanctuary located on the side of a hill south of the city. Its church is amazing and the view of the city is pretty spectacular. If you want something more, it has a funicular which starts from Piazza Delle Carrozze and goes up to the sanctuary complex.

Fifthly, Romito Coast: it is one of the natural beauties of Livorno. It is located south of the city and it is a breathtaking cliff which has one of the most beautiful and the clearest waters in Tuscany. You can reach it by bus and it is definitely worth a visit. Also you should have some aperitivo on the terrace of Calafuria, a local bar and disco.

Facade of Livorno by Gabriele.

Could you name several meals that you would recommend to try for every guest in Livorno?

I strongly recommend the Cacciucco Alla Livornese, which is sort of a fish soup that is a very difficult to eat, because you need to clean every fish inside the soup. But it is very very good! Another one is the Torta di Ceci which is a mixture of chickpeas flour and water, cooked and served with pepper on it.

Could you name several activities that you would recommend to try for every guest in Livorno?

The first activity that I personally recommend to do, is to eat oysters in a typical restaurant on the seaside of Livorno. The second one is to take a boat (organized by a local government) and have a nice and very unusual tour of the canals of Venezia Nuova district. The last one is to visit the central market and not only to buy food, but also to taste the feeling of an Italian market.

What is the number of days that every guest should spend exploring Livorno?

I think that the right number should be four or five!

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