Gerberoy: Fairytale in Northern France

Walking around in fairytale

France with its cherished towns and majestic cities is a country created for road trips. If you put ‘avoid tolls’ on your GPS and get ready for a little bit of wanderings, you will find a charming and beautiful town in every 10 kilometers. Some of them are so beautiful that they not even takes your breath away, but also makes you question if you are not dreaming. This is what Gerberoy, a small town in the Northern France is like.

Cute church of Gerberoy is located above the town

Some of the facts

Gerberoy is a Medieval town a bit more than 100 kilometers north from Paris, in the picturesque Picardy region. There are much history from early Medieval times existing in the streets of Gerberoy, but there are no exceptional historic buildings that could be visited in this little town. There is a beautiful church on the top of the town, a ruins of a castle built in 10th century and… And basically that’s it. Oh, and there are less than 100 residents, so its probably one of the smallest towns in France.

Gerberoy is famous for its annual Rose Festival

Despite this, Gerberoy is named as one of the most beautiful towns in France. Why, you ask. Well, there are two things that makes Gerberoy the Gerberoy. It is timber-framed houses and flowers. To be fair, flowers are everywhere: hanging from balcony walls, from windowsills, from fences, from the sidewalks. Literally – everywhere! Gerberoy even has its Rose Festival organised every June since 1928. And due to flower blossoming, late spring and early summer is probably the best time to pack your things and go on a day trip to Gerberoy.

This town is blossoming all year long

Some of our experience

We, however, visited this beauty in the middle of autumn. The good thing about that was that town was almost empty, we were practically the only two persons wandering in the streets. 1 The badder thing was that we saw not so much flower blossoms as we could have.

Entrance to the town

However, we love sunny autumn days and falling colorful tree leafs. So we had a really wonderful afternoon there, just wandering around those awesome streets. After 2 minutes after our arrival I got the feeling that we arrived into fairytale town.

Creeper plants looks even cooler in autumn

3 things that charms about Gerberoy

Why? First thing, the entrance to this little town is through a very charming small gates. And the parking lot is just outside them, where the parking places are lined not by paint on the ground, but by beautiful old trees. So I have already been conquered by Gerberoy while still standing in the parking lot just outside the town.

Those timber-framed houses!

Second thing is those timber-framed houses. Here they were all brightly colored in pink, electric blue and azure. And they are beautified with all sorts of flowers, creeper plants, beautiful bushes and trees.

Third thing exists in almost every of French town – its the cute windows with colorful shutters and cute doors with awesome knockers. You can hardly find nicer house details in other countries.

Above the town

All in all, Gerberoy can be compassed in less than an hour, but the impression it leaves is unforgettable. For me it is a town where fairytale takes action. And I can’t still believe that people can live in there nowadays. Gerberoy is unbelievably awesome!

And they won’t stop cherishing their perfectly beautiful town!

But enough about us! Have you been to Gerberoy? Or do you wish to visit it someday? Waiting for your thoughts in comments, Dear Reader.

Yours, L. 

  1. Other three where the residents of the city working in their backyards – cherishing the town even more!