One Day Trip to Heidelberg: What to See?


We visited Heidelberg, Germany in July 2017. Me (P.) and my parents were on our way home from Belgium to Lithuania. We arrived in the evening and left on the next day’s afternoon. Though we did not spend much time here, we felt like we saw what is important in this city. Especially, when for our own surprise we got here during the Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung1. But let us start from the beginning.

Accommodation – Boarding House Heidelberg

Lately, we try to do separate articles for hotels. Unfortunately, this time I do not really have any pictures from this hotel, so I will do a quick review. We got one double room and one single room. For our

We got one double room and one single room. For our family, one-night stay did cost 202 Euros. Having in mind that we got our place during the Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung2, the price is probably reasonable. Though I must say that, for example, in Amsterdam for the same price we enjoyed our stay much more.

For example, the location is not the best one – there is really a long way to walk until you reach the main square of the city. Also, the hotel says there is a parking. Unfortunately, when you arrive you are suggested to park on the street. As we had a lot of stuff, it was not acceptable. So, we had to park in a nearby hotel’s private secure lot and pay additional 20 Euros for parking.

The rooms were in a separate building from the reception. As it was a very hot July evening it was quite inconvenient to walk all the way there. As well as, the fact that there were no elevators and we had our rooms at the top floor. The rooms by themselves were really nice and clean. Especially the double room. One problem – the air conditioning was a joke and it was pretty hot to sleep.

Breakfast was also not at all what we expected. There were croissants, doughnuts, and coffee. Really, nothing special and also, it was in the same building as the reception.

You can check them out on:

The evening walk around Heidelberg

We started our walk from the hotel towards the main city square. Unfortunately, we did not try any interesting food places, as we got Pizza Hut slices. This is, of course, good news for those who love fast food, as Pizza Hut is not in every city in Europe. The Hauptstraße is a really wonderful and nice pedestrian street. It has everything that a tourist can look for from food to clothing.

By the end of this street, you get to the Marktplatz, which is by the Church of the Holy Spirit. From there you can see the Heidelberg castle, and you are next to the beautiful Alte Brücke of Heidelberg. When we were there due to the Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung, the bridge was closed, so to get to the other side to take pics I had to run towards the Schleuse Heidelberg, which also allows seeing the wonderful view of the Alte Brücke and the city behind it.

The main three landmarks in Heidelberg (from right) Heidelberg Castle (Schloss Heidelberg), Alte Brücke and the Church of the Holy Spirit

For our way home we went all the way on this side of the river towards the Theodor-Heuss-Brücke. Heidelberg left us with an impression of a really pretty city. No wonder that we heard it being called the most romantic city in Germany.

Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung

So, this was the biggest surprise of the day for us. At first, the bridge was closed, then on the other side, we saw thousands of people sitting on the bank of the river, waiting for something. It was obvious that something is going on3. So we Googled Heidelberg July 8 and found out that there are three days in a year when the Heidelberg Castle and the Alte Brücke are illuminated with fireworks. Turns out, this tradition ages 400 years and is a day when people from all around the world come to see the fireworks.

We must say – the fireworks were incredible. The only time I saw something like that was in Los Angeles during the Independence Day. Still, I am pretty sure that these fireworks were as good, if not better. According to, the legendary Castle Illuminations every year capture the imagination of thousands of people – hardly any other city offers such magical nights every year in June, July, and September. Well, it is hard to disagree.

Heidelberger Schlossbeleuchtung.

Heidelberg Castle

The next day there was one thing left on my list – going up to the Heidelberg Castle. This historic building is definitely worthy to visit, as it not only full of rich history but you can also see the city from above.

According to

It is a ruin in Germany and landmark of Heidelberg. The castle ruins are among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps.

The castle has only been partially rebuilt since its demolition in the 17th and 18th centuries. It is located 80 metres (260 ft) up the northern part of the Königstuhl hillside, and thereby dominates the view of the old downtown. It is served by an intermediate station on the Heidelberger Bergbahn funicular railway that runs from Heidelberg’s Kornmarkt to the summit of the Königstuhl.

The earliest castle structure was built before 1214 and later expanded into two castles circa 1294; however, in 1537, a lightning-bolt destroyed the upper castle. The present structures had been expanded by 1650, before damage by later wars and fires. In 1764, another lightning-bolt caused a fire which destroyed some rebuilt sections.

The ticket to enter the main part of the castle cost 7 Euros4, which is quite a lot as there is not really much to see inside. Still, you can take pretty nice pictures from up there in order to eternalize the panoramic view of this wonderful city.

The view from the Heidelberg Castle.

One Day Trip to Heidelberg

All in all, Heidelberg is a great city to visit during a road-trip. It has a beautiful old-town, bridges and the castle. We are sure that this city had much more to offer, as it even has a Zoo, but for us it was a place to rest from driving and we really enjoyed our stop. ❤


  1. Heidelberg Castle Illumination
  2. I love how funny German language sounds
  3. no shit, Captain Obvious!
  4. 4 Euros for children, students, elderly and handicapped

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