The Jehay-Bodegnée Castle: Beauty Turned into a Beast

Jehay-Bodegnée Castle
Jehay-Bodegnée Castle under construction.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated on a title a bit. Personally, I was simply disappointed that this happened to me for the second time this month. So, please understand my anger.

This time L. was browsing through internet as she was looking for spooky places with Halloween decorations. What she found was the Jehay-Bodegnée castle. After seeing the pictures we got really excited to visit this landmark, which was supposed to be surrounded by water and with autumn season, should’ve looked even more magnificent and gorgeous.

Unfortunately, when we got there we were greeted by construction works. There was a lot of pipes, fences and other stuff that spoiled the beauty of the castle.

I just can’t understand, why, WHY? Why have you choose the season of most beautiful colors to put the castle under construction? Just look at the colors of this shrub. Now imagine this view with water in canals and reflection of the castle in it..

Jehay-Bodegnée Castle
I can just imagine how would’ve it looked surrounded by water.

… Also, why there were so many restrictions put everywhere? For example, as you enter the castle in the back there are beautiful gardens. During autumn these are colored with fallen leaves and I bet that during the opening season this place is amazing. But no, there was a fence there and you can’t get there.

Jehay-Bodegnée Castle

As you see inside the castle the water wasn’t drained. Still, everything was covered and machines were everywhere. And it’s a real pity to walk around and just imagine how amazing it would look if everything was in tact. Just why couldn’t the constructions be performed, for example, in early spring?

Anyway, so we had to get creative and started to take up-close pictures. Surprisingly, those also turned out quite good..

Jehay-Bodegnée castle

I guess, there is truth to saying, that where one door closes – another opens. As I have never before tried to take so many pictures from a close angle it turned out to be a very valuable experience and which I really enjoyed. And at the end of the day I realized..

Jehay-Bodegnée castle

“Probably, there wasn’t so many reasons to be disappointed..”


So, was the Jehay-Bodegnée castle really that bad, P.?

Nah, actually, it was okay. Though, there isn’t much to tell, but despite being under construction, we could still see the beauty of this medieval construction. It was really an amazing autumn afternoon walking around and taking pictures.

And the lesson here is this – whenever you are somewhere for the first time, even if it’s not perfect, you have to appreciate the fact you have to be there.


The castle was fantastic. As everything in Belgium is. It had a beautiful facade, wonderful inside, with inner canals and bridges. The garden – you can see it must be really astonishing once it’s in order.

And maybe this construction was for the best. We will definitely return to this place and once we will see it completely refurbished it will probably be very much worth it.

For anyone, who’s willing to visit this castle, I would strongly advice to do so. Just make sure the construction are finalized. Then you’ll have a wonderful afternoon wandering through The Jehay-Bodegnée castle.