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Travel Inspiration with Juraj Pagac


Travel Inspiration

As our Instagram community is growing fast and we’ve nearly reached 20k followers, we got an unbelievable chance to interact with some amazing travelers from all around the world. So, we came up with an idea to introduce the most outstanding ones and their inspiring stories to everyone. We hope that you’ll have as an amazing time reading these stories, as we had collecting them.

Juraj Pagac is the name of a traveler, whose inspiring travel experience we want to introduce to you today. He has been travelling around the world since his childhood, and, though, he’s only 21-year-old, he has already visited an inspiring number of beautiful destinations. What is more, Juraj is a photography enthusiast, whose shots will definitely make you feel a very strong wanderlust!

We follow him on Instagram, and we’re also very happy to announce, that just a few weeks ago, Juraj and his girlfriend Katka, launched their personal travel blog Dreaming Passport. It looks really great!

But let’s move to Juraj’s travel stories. We asked him about:

And here is what Juraj told us. 

About TravelersChild

We tend to give a different perspective on traveling and give you more natural view on what’s happening on our travels. We don’t spend hours waiting for right conditions to take a photo or nor we believe in writing about every experience as it was a time of our lifetime or something that will stay in our memories forever. It is how it is, some things we like, some we don’t, some are neutral. We don’t fancy bloggers, who write about everything with unnecessary ton of exaggerated emotions and we wish in our blog posts to convey our emotions and experiences as they were, not how they should be in perfect world. Hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it!

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