Through the Eyes of a Local: Around Kaunas with Photographer Andrius



As our community on Instagram grows, we get to meet a lot of new people from a lot of different and amazing places! That is why we got this idea to not only share our own experiences in destinations we visit but to also talk with the locals about their cities. It is always interesting to hear what a person who ACTUALLY lives there has to say!

Kaunas is the second biggest city in the amazing country of Lithuania. For us, it is the most wonderful and the most beautiful town in the world – it is our beloved hometown! But since we can be a little subjective here, we are always trying to find more objective opinions to convince you, Dear Reader, that Kaunas should definitely appear on your travel list. Therefore, today we are very excited to introduce you to our talented Instagram friend Andrius, whose spectacular drone photography caught our eyes several months ago.

Andrius has been living in Kaunas for more than 10 years already and says he couldn’t imagine a better city to live in. As for us, we hardly can imagine the more beautiful photos of our hometown, as the ones he makes! So, we decided to ask Andrius to share his view of the city that has captured his heart more than a decade ago. Happily, Andrius agreed and told us about:

And now, Dear Reader, it is time for you to hear it all! 

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