Through the Eyes of a Local: Around Kaunas with Photographer Andrius

Best of Kaunas

Best of Kaunas

Our favorite Andrius photo!

This is the part where we will hear all about the things that make Kaunas so special for Andrius. Prepare your notebook, Dear Reader, you definitely need to follow Andrius guidance along the city.

What are the things that you love about your city the most? Do you have some traditions or activities that are directly linked to Kaunas?

Since I live in the heart of the city, I can’t imagine Kaunas without long and picturesque walks. We, me and my girlfriend, have several of our favorite routes and these walks are the best activity after our work day is done. Of course, my camera is always with us! It seems that you could walk the same route for a number of times, but every single time we still manage to discover something new!

What are your personal favorite places in Kaunas?

I have a number of those! Firstly, it is the confluence of Nemunas and Neris rivers. It is so nice that two of the biggest Lithuanian rivers meets in the heart of Kaunas! This place is really exceptional: during the stream of ice in the early spring with all the ice floes around, this place becomes like an icy wonderland, and when the seasons are changing and summer is slowly coming in, the shape of confluence is transforming too. The view from above is surprisingly different every day! What is more, in the summer this place becomes one of the most vibrant places in the city – city residents spend their free time just relaxing in the Confluence Park or on the small beach by the Nemunas river.

My second beloved place is the streets of the city center. Especially, Freedom Avenue (Laisvės Alėja) and Vilnius Street. It is an unique place for a stroll, starting from the Oak Grove (Ąžuolynas) up to the Confluence Park.

Thirdly, it is the Island of Nemunas River. It is a spacious green area, which is a perfect place to relax from a bustle of a city.

Fourthly, it is the Oak Grove that I mentioned before. It is the biggest oak park in the Europe!

Finally, it is the woods of Lampėdžiai district. It takes just a several minutes from the city center to find yourself in a very nice forest for both – walking and jogging. What is more, forest is located around the Lampėdis Lake, which makes this district very popular among the Kaunas residents in the months of the summer.

The confluence of Nemunas and Neris by Andrius.

What could you say about the people of Kaunas in general? What are our strengths as a community?

While in Kaunas, it is like in the movies. This is what my first thought was! Residents of Kaunas are really helpful and friendly, and stylish, and tolerant. Kaunas is full with people with these great features!

Nevertheless, from time to time you can still meet tracksuit-wearing guys from the neighborhood. They are usually wearing a harsh eye-look and most of the time they are not alone – together with the same type of friends. But. But, Kaunas is even tolerant towards them!

Could you name the unique feature of Kaunas? Is it in some way extraordinary from the other cities you have visited?

Kaunas is a green and cozily small city. After visiting such cities as Shanghai, London, or Moscow, here you feel like in your cozy backyard. Especially in the spring time, when green color is still freshly bright!

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