Through the Eyes of a Local: Around Kaunas with Photographer Andrius

Tourist Destination

Kaunas as a Tourist Destination

Andrius drone above the Oak Grove.

Never been to Kaunas? Then this is the part where you should be extra-focused, Dear Reader. Andrius is going to introduce you to the things which make Kaunas a perfect tourist destination!

What is your opinion about Kaunas as a tourist destination comparing to other cities you have visited? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

In my opinion, Kaunas should appear on every traveler’s list. For Lithuanians, it is a very close and familiar city, and for tourists, it could be a very good place to get a general opinion about Lithuania. What is more, if you land in Kaunas airport, it takes only 20 minutes for you to reach the city center!

At the moment, Kaunas is in the slow process of attracting the tourists. Though this city is a very unique with its long and great history, interesting sights-to-see, a good transport infrastructure, a variety of activities and entertainments, Kaunas miss one thing. City needs to combine all these great features and to make them its strength for attracting more tourists.

Also, city has a lot of space for water activities, but it adopts it slowly. Though there are several routes for a boat tour, along with beautifully renovated riversides, personally I would love to see more of boat tourism, canoes, sup paddles and all the similar water activities taking place during the summer.

Could you name five places that you would recommend to visit for every guest in Kaunas?

Firstly, I would name the old town of the city and the Confluence Park.

Secondly – Pažaislis Monastery and Yacht club behind it.

My third recommendation would be Čiurlionis National Museum of Art.

Then – Freedom Avenue (Laisvės Alėja), and, finally, the Oak Grove (Ąžuolynas).

Above the Island of Nemunas River.

Could you name several bars or restaurants that you would recommend to try for every guest in Kaunas?

Firstly, I would recommend HOP DOC. It is a burger restaurant in the cozy Daukšos Street in the old town. Here together with burgers, you can try a huge variety of beers from all other the world.

Secondly, it would be a legendary donuts place named SPURGINĖ located on the Freedom Avenue. This place is open for 30 years already!

Could you name several activities that you would recommend to try for every guest in Kaunas?

Long walks! I would suggest trying this route: from the Confluence Park, through Town Hall Square (Rotušės Aikštė), to the Vilnius Street, then along the Freedom Avenue up to the Oak Grove, and end your route at the Zoo Park.

Also, Kaunas now has a really great bike rental service, so I would offer a bike ride around the city. City guests should try cycling through the old town, Freedom Avenue up to the Island of Nemunas. And if you would like to have a longer ride, I would say to cycle along the Nemunas River up to the neighboring town of Kačerginė.

Finally, this year Kaunas was named European Capital of Culture 2022. It is another great reason for visiting our city and another great thing which brings a variety of new and interesting cultural events and initiatives.

Sunset over the Freedom Avenue by Andrius.

What is the number of days that every guest should spend exploring Kaunas?

You can choose Kaunas as your weekend destination. I would say, during the celebration of a city birthday (Hanza Days) or during the Kaunas Jazz Festival.

But if you come here for a week, you can explore not only the city but also its beautiful surroundings: the lovely villages of Kačerginė and Kulautuva, Rumšiškės and its open-air museum, unique Juniper Valley (in the village of Arlaviškės), and a resort town of Birštonas.

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