Through the Eyes of a Local: Around Kaunas with Photographer Andrius

Final Word

Final Word

Deep to the Oak Grove.

We want to say huge THANK YOU for Andrius agreeing to do this interview with us. It has been a pleasure to listen and to be thinking of all these beautiful places in our hometown and around it. If you would ask us, Dear Reader, we would 100 percent agree with all the things Andrius recommended for you to see and do in Kaunas. Mark that and make sure you visit it!

As we always do, at the end of our interviews we ask our guests for one last word. Our final question to Andrius is to name ONE REASON, why everyone should visit Kaunas at least once in their lifetime?

I strongly recommend visiting Kaunas at least for a short period of time to at least see how beautiful its old town is. I am pretty sure that Confluence Park, riversides of Nemunas and Neris, and cozy streets of the old town would stay in your memory for a long time after!

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