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Kaunas Through the Eyes of a Frequent Guest: “Every Corner has a Story to Tell”

Kaunas as a Tourist Destination

Kaunas as a Tourist Destination


Street art in Kaunas. (By Kevin Andrew)

Several weeks ago Kaunas was announced European Capital of Culture 2022. In the context of these great news we would like to ask our dear guest Kevin his opinion about Kaunas as Europe’s tourist destination.

Kaunas has a very unique style in terms of architecture. The post war sights mixed with more modern developments make it perfect for exploring. And it is made even easier by the size of the city. Almost everything can be seen on foot! Nearby lakes, rivers and open spaces blend naturally with urban life and are readily available for sports and the more outdoor type of people.

Nightlife is always great, the selection of bars in the old town and live music venues dotted around the city mean there’s always a good time to be had in the evenings!

Is it easy to communicate in English in Kaunas?

While my regular visits to Kaunas means I’ve picked up a few phrases, I still have to rely on communicating in English. But that’s no problem at all! Everyone I’ve encountered appreciates my attempts at Lithuanian, but like to make it easy for and answer in English, which I equally appreciate!

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