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Kaunas Through the Eyes of a Frequent Guest: “Every Corner has a Story to Tell”

Inspiration For Visiting Kaunas

Inspiration For Visiting Kaunas


Findings in the city center. (By Kevin Andrew)

We want to say huge thanks to our guest Kevin for sharing his experience from our hometown. It was really very interesting to see Kaunas through the eyes of city’s regular guest. And though we sometimes get tired from our cold and snowy winters, after this interview we believe that it is worth to freeze for a bit, if those snowy winter days brings such a wonderful guests to our lovely city!

As usual, at the end of an interview we always ask our guests for some inspiration. We asked Kevin, if he had to pick one, what would be the most beautiful place to recommend to visit in Kaunas.

The panorama view point. Either take the funicular to the top, or just walk the steps. Either way it’s worth it at any time of the day, as the views of the old town and city are stunning!

What would you say to the person who’s considering to visit Kaunas, or not?

Go! Pack a pair of comfy shoes and get ready to explore this city. Every corner has a story to tell about Lithuania’s rich history and development. Maybe avoid going in the dead of winter unless you really like the cold. I went once in January and have never experienced cold like that before! However, December in the build up to Christmas is always a magical time of year in Kaunas, so the cold is worth it at that time of the year.

Finally, how would you describe Kaunas in one short sentence?

Completely underrated with lots to offer if you just scratch the surface!

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