Kuhne: Best Burgers and Ribs in Kaunas


While in Belgium, we heard many good responses from our friends in Kaunas about this place called Kuhne. Once we saw that even our city’s mayor is eating there, checking it out became a must. We found that Kuhne is a very small place, which has an even smaller menu. Here you can either order ribs or several types of burgers. But honestly, what more do you need? 😀

We already checked it a number of times until this point and – spoiler alert – we loved it. So, the big challenge was when we had two city-guests – Andra from Vilnius (Lithuania) and Anna from Bangkok (Thailand). We decided that Kuhne is going to be one of the four places in Kaunas, where we will take our guest to eat. As also a blogger in Thailand, Anna had a lot to share! Let’s see how that went. 😋


Kuhne’s location is next to two important Kaunas symbols – one of the two funiculars and the Ressurection Church. While eating you can see the tallest building1 in the city right next to you. In addition, there is the J. Jablonskis gymnasium, which is a prime example of the art-deco architecture style. It is a great place to take your guests. The only problem – poor overall surroundings and no free parking.

In Kuhne you can see the whole process of how your food is being prepared.

Our hope is that in near future someone will reconstruct the parking lot into something else. At the moment, it is a gravel lot, with no free parking, so no-one parks there and it just looks poor. A park next to a church would be much more fitting than the current construction.


The atmosphere is nothing fancy or interesting as the joint occupies about 30 square meters. Nonetheless, the decisions made with the available space are very nice to our taste. It has this hipstery vibe floating in the air and we can not say we are not enjoying it.

Amazing how many good things can fit on such a small plate.

We also really love when we are able to see how the chef is making the food. In Kuhne, you can see everything and it does add up some coziness. The only problem with this place, as mentioned before, is the size – when there are more people it is simply impossible to have a breathing space.


You order at the bar and you pick up the plates yourself. Once you are done eating you bring your plates back to the bar. We always liked and never had a problem with this type of service. As you are in the same room with everyone who works there, you can really enjoy the homey atmosphere. In places like that you do not expect and also you do not feel the need to have waitresses all around you. It would simply make it more uncomfortable to everyone.

Our only concern is that due to small space and overall poor looking surroundings, this is more a place for locals than a place where tourists would come.


Okay, so here is our favorite part! 😍  All of us Lithuanians went for pulled-pork burgers and Anna went for the ribs. We knew we loved both the burgers and the ribs. The only question was how our guests will like it. Believe it or not, they loved it! Andra said that it was even better than one of the best-rated burger places in our capital Vilnius called Keulė Rūkė. And our friend from Thailand also loved the ribs.

Just look at this…

The food in Kuhne is just amazing. The buns are perfectly cooked and the meat is very juicy and has the right amount of spices. The same can be said about the ribs. They are just marvelous. It simply slips off the bone and tastes very very good.


Finally, the price is also something that is very pleasing. It is 3,5 Eur for the burger and 4,5 Eur for the ribs, which is probably as cheap as you can get it around the town. In addition, you will not get anything tastier than this anywhere else in Kaunas. For example, Pelėdinė, which we consider as the same type of joint, offers you burgers for 5,5 Eur and they are not even close!

Anna’s Thoughts about Kuhne

Finally, we asked our guest from Thailand to write a small review about Kuhne.

We went there on a rainy day. The place was small and cozy overlooking the famous Christ’s Resurrection Church. The service was quick and the food was good and comforting. My friends loved the burgers and I went for the ribs. The meat was so tender and came so easily off the bones. Amazing.

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  1. 70 meters, 230 feet

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