Ministry of Books: Experience the Soul of Kaunas

Ministry of Books

As we all know, discovering a cozy vintage bookstore is one of the most magical things that can happen while exploring a new city. Somehow a huge concentration of books placed in one room makes every place look super interesting. And super fragrant! There is no better smell, like the smell of book paper, isn’t it?

So it happens, that this one special bookstore in Kaunas managed to connect all the known facts about people and their love for authentic bookstores. They took all the classy ingredients, as vintage wooden book shelves, the fragrance of fresh books, and combined it with two things that are missing in the usual bookstores – an opportunity to have a cup of coffee and a piece of a tasty pie while deciding which book to buy. And this is how Ministry of Books was born!

In addition, we had a couple of guests from Vilnius (Lithuania) and Bangkok (Thailand) visiting Kaunas at the end of July 2017 and this cafe was definitely the place to show. It also happens that one of our guests – Anna – is a travel blogger in Thailand, so she also had something to say about this place!


Every tourist will easily find Ministry of Books while wandering around the streets of Kaunas. It is located on Freedom Avenue, the longest pedestrian street in Europe, next to the Church of St. Michael the Archangel. And though it is 1,5 kilometers away from the old town, the location of the Ministry can easily be called as the heart of the city.

Together with this prestigious location comes many advantages! It is easy to reach by foot or bike from most of the significant landmarks of Kaunas. And the best thing is that you don’t need to do any detours! While walking or cycling towards Ministry of Books, you will be going through many of the most significant parts of the city. Also, it is easy to reach by car or public transport. The parking spaces and public transport stations are several hundred meters away, and the only worst thing about the location is that most of the time the parking will be paid everywhere around the cafe. Though not on the weekends!


Ministry of Books
The interior is just amazing!

Books mixed up with the classy art deco interior along with the coffee tables everywhere around, make Ministry of Books the coziest and the most magical both, coffee and book store in town. When you enter the place, you find yourself surrounded by renewed vintage wooden book shelves filled with various types of books and cool souvenirs. What is more, we really liked the cupboards above and below the book shelves. It gives you the feeling of a cozy living room more than of a public store! What is more, this feeling heightens when a random visitor starts playing the piano. And while also doing it like a pro!

The mix of books, vintage wood decor, and coffee are the key factors why the atmosphere here receives the highest possible rate from us. And since it is one of the most magical places in town, L. would like to highlight that it could also be ranked as the one with the best atmosphere in town! P. says that with its art deco style, Ministry of Books resurrects the mood of the prosperous interwar period. By doing that, it could be named as the place where the true soul of Kaunas is revived!


The staff is really good here. Though we hadn’t got any questions about the books or souvenirs, the bartender was really nice1. She helped us to choose the best piece of a pie. What is more, the staff doesn’t bother you here. It lets you feel here more like in the living room than in the public store. Though it can be a disadvantage for those who like receiving the attention from the store staff.


Coffee was good, but surely not the best in town. Actually, even a bit bitter. Though we have to admit that piece of Oreo cake fixed everything! The best thing about the coffee was its size. You can choose from three options and the biggest one is really, really BIG. You could slowly enjoy it for a long period of time while reading a book or working on your laptop. And by doing that you have a proper reason not to leave the Ministry of Books for awhile!


Well, when talking about the prices, you can easily find many places that would offer you a tastier cup of coffee or a bigger variety of books for a lower price. But considering the atmosphere which Ministry of Books offers to its visitors, the prices seem good. Especially for such consumers like us. We believe that the places that invest more in making the simple bookstore concept into such an extraordinary one, must receive much more appreciation from its visitors.

  • Latte:
    • Small – 2 Eur;
    • Medium – 2,5 Eur;
    • Big – 3,5 Eur.
  • Desserts:
    • Mascarpone Cheesecake2 – 3,5 Eur.

Anna’s Thoughts about Ministry of Books

Our cozy afternoon at this cafe also left our guest Anna with a huge impression!

I loved this place! It gave a warm and restful vibe of a book store with the sense of comfort of being at home snuggling in bed with a blanket. The books are diverse with both English and Lithuanian and of many subjects and genres. The coffee and cake were good. There was someone playing the piano and it’s a perfect place to hang out on a typical rainy day in Kaunas.

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  1. and with a good sense of humor!
  2. Which was really good!

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