6 places to discover in Northern Portugal


The upper part of Portugal is totally different place than a lot of Northerners (like us) imagine. As we saw it, no matter what part of Portugal you take, it will be palms, sunny weather, considerably warm days all year long, warm sea and spectacular beaches.

Lovely Porto!

Nope, it’s not like that in the Northern part of the country and we had to face it from the first day of our arrival. How? For example, in mid-February we had to scrape the ice of our trunk. And yes, we’re used to snow, ice and other wintery stuff, but it came as a shock to see it in the South of Europe.

Basically, main things that you have to know before choosing Northern part of Portugal as your holiday destination are these:

  • Atlantic Ocean is a cold place to swim.
  • Windy weather is an obstacle for sunbathing. For example, we made an experiment. It was very hot (no wind) in the city center of Porto, +33 degrees Celsius to be precise. Ten minutes later (it’s how long it took us to reach the beach with the car), temperature fell down till +25 degrees Celsius. After a hot day in the city, we dreamed when we will have a chance to jump into the ocean. However, when we reached it, we turned around and went back home. And these kind of scenarios happened to me not once.
  • It’s raining a lot there. Starting from autumn till the end of spring (at least, this year) there really was raining A LOT. Weeks and weeks of rainy weather. So, try to visit Northern Portugal during the summer period.

Despite these few bullet points, it is one of the coolest regions that I have ever been to. And definitely the one, that I will come back not once. Northern Portugal is charming no matter where you look. Cities colored with azulejo are rich in history and architecture, nature takes your breath away, people and food makes each day of your holidays – perfect.

Today, Dear Reader, I want to share some of the most beautiful places in the upper part of Portugal, which I hope will become a piece of your future road trip. Let’s start from the top..

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