One Year with Traveler’s Child in Pictures

Believe it or not, it has been a one full year since our first picture posted on Instagram. We began with a picture made in Vila de Cortegaça (Portugal) and had 172 likes. Since then both of us visited 15 countries and a huge number of different cities and places.

It was an amazing year for us, full of adventures, new experiences, meeting new people and also growing as personalities and as a couple, as well. Starting this blog and meeting so many different and wonderful people through social media was one of the best decisions we have made and we hope we will be able to continue to travel and share our experiences with everyone.

As for now, we introduce you to some of our most beloved pictures and places we visited throughout the last year! Enjoy!

One Year with Traveler’s Child in Pictures


Traveler’s Child was born at the end of our stay in Portugal, so it would be a shame not to start off with some pictures made in our second most favorite country in the world (after Lithuania) – Portugal and our second most beloved city (after Kaunas) – Porto.

Trip Porto – Kaunas

After our stay, we had a wonderful trip home from Portugal back to Lithuania, during which we visited a number of countries and saw a lot of wonderful places, one of them was the amazing Colmar

Life in Belgium

After the summer was gone P. had to go to study to Belgium, where we lived in a small city called Louvain-la-Neuve. Though, the city was not impressive itself, we had a chance to visit other amazing places around the region.

One of our absolute favorites – Gent, Bruges, Amsterdam, Eltz Castle, Paris and Honfleur.

Our regular trips home

During last year we took a ride home from Belgium numerous times and we used this opportunity to visit some interesting places as well. Though, the weather was not always the finest, to say the least, Traveler’s Child managed to capture some interesting places on their camera. We will mention a couple this time: Rakotzbrucke, Quedlinburg, and Saxon-Switzerland.

Trips with family and friends

During our time in Belgium we had a lot of visits from our wonderful families and friends. We showed them all around the places we loved the most and also visited new exciting places such as Alps, Neuschwanstein, Rouen or even Mont Saint Michel!

Thank YOU from Traveler’s Child

So, we hope you enjoyed being with us throughout the last year as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you!

We want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who supported us, helped us and have been with us! It was a huge motivation and we hope to continue to improve towards our second year!

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