Our Story

Hey there! 😋

We are L. & P. 👫 a creative couple that is inspired by traveling! Traveling and exploring is something that we try to do all the time. In order to find something new and fascinating, not always do you have to fly a thousand miles. 🌎 We love to explore both distant lands and our own backyard. 😍 Our backyard is a lovely city in Lithuania, called Kaunas, which we proudly represent! Also, we have lived in places like Portugal and Belgium, where we have made a huge number of unforgettable discoveries. But let us start from the beginning…

Who are we?

L. is the creative one in our couple. Being in love with everything that is magical, she happens to find beauty in everything. On the other hand, we have P., who is a bit more grumpy, though kind-hearted. It takes time for him to like a certain place, so only if a place is really great he would say that it is okay.

At the moment we are in our mid-20’s. We have already visited more than 30 countries and explored a big part of Europe. We know this number is far from being impressive and we do not plan to stop! Our most favorite way to travel is by a car. 🚙 We believe that this way we get to see much more and we can travel more freely1. While driving we have been everywhere from Estonia to Portugal and Croatia.

For the past few years, we changed home address twice. We spent half-year in Portugal and then a year in Belgium. That way we have explored the majority of Portugal, probably all of the Belgium, a great deal of Northern France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, etc.

Right now we are back in Lithuania and we want to help people to get to know the Baltic region better. Also, we want to finally set our foot in Scandinavia! 🚩

How did it all begin?

Almost two years ago we started facing a problem. We were traveling a lot, but most of our travel stories and photos seemed to disappear. In other words, they were lost in the graveyard of a spacious smartphone photo library. And that’s how in the beginning of 2016 the idea of creating Traveler’s Child was born. Though, we have to admit, that it took us additional half a year to come up with the name, concept and a logo. After we did that, we just started uploading our photos to Instagram and suddenly our page started to grow! 😎

Later we came up with an idea of a blog, as we could not find anywhere to share our stories and ideas the way we wanted to. That way we created a space for ourselves and now we want Traveler’s Child to also become a place for other people to share their stories as well!

In addition, we bought an entry-level camera2, shared stories on our blog and one year later we had almost 25 thousand followers on Instagram and more than 30 thousand followers throughout all of our social media. Simple as that. 😁

What the future holds?

That is a very good question! 😂 We wish to continue to grow our community and we want to find people to work with. We believe that Traveler’s Child must evolve into strong travel brand and we will try to do our best to keep it going. Afterall, we were traveling a lot before starting this blog, but when we created it we started to travel even more!

We will continue to travel, to explore and we will encourage everyone to share their stories with us! 🍄


  1. and we do hate air-flights
  2. Olympus PEN E-P5