Pelėdinė: A Burger in a Soviet Environment


We are always in a seek of a perfect burger and that is usually what we order in wherever we go to. No wonder, that we had to check Pelėdinė, too. Especially, when we pass it by almost every day when we live in Kaunas and we noticed that there are usually plenty of people inside. So, there were enough reasons to check it out. 😋

We went to see this place on a cloudy summer afternoon, 26th of July, 2017, around 17:00. After having a busy day, it was the first proper meal that we had that day, so we were starving and hoping to eat something really good. Let’s see how that went!


Pelėdinė is basically in the city center, near the Freedom Avenue, which is the main and most well-known pedestrian street in Lithuania1. Still, it is not very convenient to reach. Firstly, it has no free parking around it so you have some additional expenditures here. Secondly, it still requires doing a little detour from the Freedom Avenue and as that part of Kaunas is yet to be reconstructed you would rarely see tourists walking there.


The atmosphere of Pelėdinė is something that can be seen absolutely differently by different people. It has a Soviet interior, that we believe is authentic to that place. Our guess, that this interior was here long before Pelėdinė got here. That is why the first observation made by L. was – can you feel that smell? 😁 That smell was something we have not experienced for a long time. It was a smell of late 90’s for us and would probably smell like Soviet Era for our parents. It was a strange feeling, but somehow it made us feel nostalgic. In other words, we liked it.

Pelėdinė is certainly a great place to imagine how Kaunas food places looked back in the 90’s

In addition, there were these huge speakers, which played Modern Talking for the most of the time. We must say, that they were a bit too loud for a burger joint. It was a little bit annoying, but if you like Modern Talking you get used to it. Like P., who was nodding his head all the time. 😁


When we came in, the waitress told us that she was very busy. That is why she asked us to take menus by ourselves. We did not mind, but we could not remember when was the last time a situation like that happened. Maybe it was also done on purpose? Because it really reminds you of what the customer service was in Lithuania 15 years ago.

Anyway, afterward, the waitress was great and so was the service. Food came quite quickly and that is the main thing you want when going out for a burger.


Probably the most important part is the food. Unfortunately, we cannot say it was good. We both ordered pulled pork burgers, which are our favorites and also a glass of homemade lemonade.

We really liked the pickle on top. Great touch.

We will start with the homemade lemonade, which was actually the traditional Soviet drink that we all used to get in cafeterias when we were little kids. It was a surprise, but a really pleasant one, to taste that thing once again. Not sure if anyone not familiar with the taste would like it, but we did.

The main course was not that good. Maybe it was an off-day, but it left us with a pretty bad impression. The fries were a bit too solid and the burger was the opposite – a bit too fluidly. The taste was okay at the first bite2, but later on, it started to seem worse and worse. The main reason for that was that the bun was really soft and watery. Not from the sauce, but it seemed like it was like that from itself. There are not many things worse than a wet bun.

Other than that, the meat was okay, so were the other ingredients, but nothing really special. In addition, we think that the chef really likes to use more fat than necessary. The reason for that – the burger was a bit hard on the stomach.


It was 5,5 Eur for the burger and it is not a bad price, especially if you are not a local. But in the context of Kaunas, it is a bit too much. Pelėdinė is far from being fancy, the food quality and service is far from being great and the location is also nothing special. That is why we thought that the price is a bit too big. Especially, when you compare it to a place like Kuhne, which serves you a much better burger for 3,5 Eur.


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  1. or at least locals think that
  2. we were really hungry

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