Pierogarnia Mandu: A Taste of Poland in the City of Gdansk

During our stay in Gdansk, the spectacular Poland’s port city, we visited a number of interesting food places. One of those was Pierogarnia Mandu, a modern restaurant which serves not so modern dishes – traditional Polish homemade pierogi. Also known as dumplings!

We found Pierogarnia Mandu on TripAdvisor as one of the TOP choices to eat in the center of Gdansk. Considering that we wanted to try something from the typical Polish cuisine, the profile of Pierogarnia Mandu intrigued us a lot. So let’s see how our tryout went!


Pierogarnia Mandu
Let’s see what we will find inside!

Pierogarnia Mandu is located 10-15 minutes away from the central Long Market square. But that isn’t a bad thing! While walking towards it you can see a number of beautiful old town streets of Gdansk. The street of the restaurant isn’t something special itself, but just around the corner, you can find a beautiful central railway station building. And behind it is the Old Town Hall with a lovely square and river floating through it. So, one way or another you will have to find yourself around the location of Pierogarnia Mandu, and this makes it a convenient place for a lunch break.


Pierogarnia Mandu
Pierogarnia Mandu is super cozy!

It is always nice to explore food places that are located in the interesting buildings, like old medieval merchant house or a place with a picturesque view from the terrace. But sadly, the outside atmosphere of the Pierogarnia Mandu was nothing special. The appearance of the building and the view through the windows were very ordinary ones. Nonetheless, the inside interior was very awesome and cozy! The first thing you see when you enter the restaurant is a room with big transparent windows through which you can see how your handmade pierogi are created.

Moving forward, you find yourself in a big room separated into two parts. The restaurant interior is based on a bright wooden furniture and dark gray armchairs and settees. These details really match one another and together they form a cozy and stylish interior. Another nice thing considering the atmosphere is that you can choose from various sitting options, like the retro armchairs, the usual chairs by the window, or the settees next to the bar. It is always nice to pick a place that suits you the best!


Pierogarnia Mandu
Service is not included!

It was great! The service was quick, staff was really friendly, helpful and patient. All the waitresses spoke fluent English and shared their recommendations about which pierogi we have to try for our first time and what sauces to take with them. We haven’t noticed any, even the smallest, thing that the service could be rated less than the 5 stars!


Pierogarnia Mandu
Topping on the boiled pierogi was too massive.

It is mainly pierogi, an Eastern European type of dumplings, that are served here in the Pierogarnia Mandu. You can choose from boiled or fried ones with various fillings, toppings, and sauces. We tried both, boiled and fried ones. The nice thing is that they came with an additional bowl of traditional sour cabbages. Both pierogi and the mushroom and horseradish sauces were really great. The only thing that we didn’t like was the topping on the portion of boiled pierogi. The onions and bacon were sliced in really big pieces so it seemed a bit unaesthetic. But besides that – the meals were really tasty and the portions were more than enough for one person.

We also ordered two lattes, homemade ice tea, and lemonade. They all looked and tasted good, were really refreshing, seemed to be truly homemade, without any artificial flavors. So all in all, we were really happy with our meal. We also saw people ordering desserts and they seemed very nicely served too. Though we were so full, that we couldn’t even think about any other type of food. Even the sweetest. 😅


Pierogarnia Mandu
The variety of pierogi at Pierogarnia Mandu.

For two portions of pierogi, two lattes, homemade ice tea, and lemonade we paid 77 Zl. It is something around 20 Eur per two persons. One portion of pierogi cost from 14,5 Zl to 22 Zl for a person (around 3,5 – 5,5 Euros) and considering that the place is located in the city center and serves really big portions of good quality food, we believe that the prices there were very reasonable. It wasn’t as cheap as in one of the Asian restaurants that we found in one of Gdansk supermarkets1, but also a lot cheaper than in the city center of the nearby resort town of Sopot. All in all, food prices in Poland is jokingly small compared to other countries in Europe (except for Russia, Ukraine or Belarus). This is the country where you can eat almost whatever you want, without worrying to spend too much of your holiday savings.

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  1. We both ate there for 9 Eur!!

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