Early morning visit to Devil’s Bridge – Rakotzbrücke

Rakotzbrücke was that one place that from the first time we saw it somewhere on Instagram we knew we have to visit. This place even from the pictures breathes mysteriousness and has this magical vibe, that I can’t explain. We were very happy to find out that this place is located on German – Polish border. Due to our current situation we drive through here every few months. So, there was no excuse not to visit and not to share this wonderful place with our Readers! 

What is Rakotzbrücke?

The bridge is located in Kromlau, Germany’s Kromlauer Park. This park is the largest in the Saxony region and was commissioned by Friedrich Herrmann Rötschke, the knight of Kromlau, in the middle of the 19th century.

Though the bridge looks medieval, but it was built in 1860. It’s built over a small lake, so there’s really no practical need for it. This was built to look awesome and cool, AND to make a perfect circle while reflecting from the water.


Rakotzbrücke doesn’t serve the true meaning which every ordinary bridge should do. No, it wasn’t build for you to cross that dark mysterious lake underneath it. No, Rakotzbrücke was built to awaken our imagination.


The builders did amazing job while decorating this bridge. The thin rock spires and how the bridge was built, it seems like there was rather some unusual seismic activities, than a touch of a person.

Our trip to Rakotzbrücke

The night before we slept at Gorlitz, which was 50 km from this destination. Our idea was to go here before the sun comes up, to take some really mysterious shots of the reflection. So, we woke up before 6 A.M. and we were on our way at around 6:30 A.M. As the sun was supposed to come up at around 8 A.M.1, we thought we had a lot of time.


But because of the traffic in the city and not the best roads leading to this bridge it took us more than we wished. Also, while driving we realized that the lake will probably be frozen and we won’t get the perfect reflection shots.

We came to the bridge at 8 A.M. instead of 7:30, so the dawn time was practically over. And, as we suspected, the lake was covered in ice. But, I believe, it was even better than it is in summer.

The fog over the trees, the ice covering the lake, a bits of snow… It really seemed like a scene from some movie about dark magic. And when this mysterious and very friendly cat showed up out of nowhere, we really started to think of the existence of which craft. I tried to take a pic of this cat, but it was too interested in playing with my camera strap, rather than posing. Though, we found a picture on Instagram of this cat made by Katie, who was willing to share it with us!

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Final thoughts

Overall, we were very happy with the time we came up here and the shots we made. This was an amazing experience and which I hope to do again sometime in spring or summer.

And if you’re traveling anywhere around this place – it’s a must see! It will take only an hour of your time to enjoy the imagery of this bridge, but I promise it will stay with you for a long time! 

Our special THANKS goes to:

  • Katie. For sharing this awesome pic of Rakotzbrücke’s cat!
  1. we’re in middle of December