5 travel items modern wanderer should own

We all have some travel items without which we can’t imagine our journeys. For example, old travel wallet with coins from various countries; or comfy old shoes with almost no leather left on the top of them. Despite the fact that for others it can look as a piece of crap, to us our old travel stuff looks priceless with all those good memories inside of it.

But there are also some travel items, that would improve everybody’s holidays. If you are a sophisticated, modern wanderer, who wants to make his journeys more classy and memorable, this post is dedicated for You. 

Here are 5 travel items, which will help to create priceless travel memories. Spoilers alert: most of them is related to capturing and collecting the moments, or creating the perfect travel atmosphere.  Let’s start from my favorite one..

Instant Camera

Travel items
I am travelling with my lovely pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

How often do you print photos after your journey? When was the last time your travel photo album was filled with new captions? Personally, I love printed pictures. I could decorate my fridge, my walls and all my shelves with them. However, there is one problem: I am too lazy to go through all the travel album on my computer and pick the best shots, that I want to print.

But as we all know every problem comes with a solution. And this has a really classy one – instant camera! Just one click and you have a printed travel memory in your pocket.

Mine beloved travel companion is pink Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. In my opinion it is a good choice, if you are searching for an instant camera, which will be used during your trips. It is considerably small and quite an impact resistant1. Also, it makes all the people, who are asked to take a photo of you, smile. This instant camera is really sweet, no matter which color you choose.

Birkenstock Sandals

Well, when I was younger Birkenstock used to look as a sandals for elders.

Travel items
You can walk 500 miles in these sandals

But other the years I changed my mind, and I think that it’s not only the most comfortable sandals that human kind has invented, but also it is the most classy wear for travelers. Considering all the cool colors and models, which now are available, Birkenstock matches every type of clothes, that sophisticated wanderer choose to wear on a journey.

Personally I walked a lot of miles in Desigual Sandals and I love them. However, at the moment I tried on Birkenstock, I understood why all this type of sandals are commonly being named after this brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a lady or a gentleman, Birkenstock Sandals are the thing, which should accompany you through all of your journeys.

4-IN-1 Lens for Smartphones

The one and only thing that we bring home from all of our journeys are photos. So, naturally, over the years we have to search for new and interesting solutions for updating our photographing skills. The worst thing in this situation is that all the coolest photo items, costs quite a big amount of .

However, recently we discovered an item, that made us really happy for a reasonable price. Its fish-eye, wide angle, 10x macro and 15x macro lens for smartphones (to be precise, for iPhone 6S). With this pocket-size lens kit we discovered various new angles while capturing beautiful moments on our road trips. 

Just one small tip: one of the best of this type of lens is considered to be Olloclip 4-IN-1, however in my opinion, there is no need to have two macro lens (10x and 15x). If you think the same, then try more simple and universal 3-IN-1 lens kit for all smartphones.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I think each journey has that one (or more) song, which reminds of all the great adventures long after the trip. For example, after our last skiing trip me and my friends burned a CD named Livigno, in honor for skiing village in Italy, where we stayed during our holidays, with the songs we used to listened the most, while being there. And every song in that CD always makes me remember how much laughter and fun we had every time I listen it. And you know what? We had a portable speaker with everywhere we went in Livigno.

Music = Fun, and you can’t argue with that. I remember travelling with music tape player, then with CD player and now we have super awesome things called portable speakers, which all sophisticated wanderers should own! The only situation where you don’t need it, is if your travel companion owns it. 

How to choose the best from the big list of speakers? You don’t need to choose, I already made a deep research, comparative analysis, tests and I will share the results with you. Undoubtedly, today the best portable speaker for people who travels a lot is Bose Soundlink Mini II. It is very small and impact resistant speaker with a sound quality, which can easily compete with considerably bigger speakers.

However, the only minus that this little Bose has is a bass feature – it is quite weak. Personally, I don’t feel big difference, but P. does, so that’s why we are travelling with Marshall Kilburn. It is bigger, more heavy, more expensive, but has good bass and lasts 10 hours more.

In my opinion, they both are probably the best speakers that you can find today. Bose is a smart and more practical choice, which will surprise anyone by its size and sound quality. However Marshall is super classy speaker for people who wants that sound quality during their trips would be the same as at home.

Full Cap for Travel Pins

Do you know what pins are? It is the most awesome looking type of souvenirs, that you can find. However, most of the people don’t know what to do with them. So here is the idea.

travel items
It may seem as a small collection, but it’s just a beginning

Firstly, I have to mention, that all credit for this idea goes to P. From family trip to California he brought me a full cap with my Instagram nickname embroidered on it and informed me that this cap is for collecting pins from our future journeys. The same looking cap with his name on it already had several pins from US.

Personally, I don’t wear it. I don’t wear any hats. But this one has a respectful place on my shelve and is already half-full with pins from Croatia, United Kingdom, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. Every time we visit new city, one of our things to do, is to visit a souvenir shop and buy the best looking pin.

It may sound like nothing special, but believe me it transforms an ordinary item, like full cap, into a souvenir with a lot of good memories. And how cool will it be after ~50 years?! I bet it will look super classy. 

However, full cap is just an example. The main idea is to find some item, which will become a background for your travel collection. Doesn’t matter if it is a full cap, explorer hat, backpack, travel jacket or travel vest.

All of the mentioned items:

  1. I have to admit, that there were several times, that this cutie fell hard on the ground. However, it is still working perfectly.