Amber Town Apartments: Our Stay in Gdansk’s Heart

Stay in Gdansk

For our stay in Gdansk, we picked apartments located in the heart of the city. We lived in Amber Town Apartments for a couple of nights. At the beginning, we were planning to stay for only one night. Due to bad weather and the beauty of this city next day we decided to prolong our stay. That is why we had to switch rooms and eventually, we ended up trying out two rooms in two nights. So, we can be considered as true experts of Amber Town apartments. 😁

Location for our stay in Gdansk

Location is always our main criteria when looking for a place to live. For our stay in Gdansk, we searched for a place that would be in the heart of the city. These apartments, being a couple of streets away from the main square, are in a perfect spot. You can enjoy a good night sleep and be a couple of minutes away from the main attractions.

In addition, the green facade of these apartments is really cool. This house is very memorable and looks great in pictures! 😁


Our second most important criteria is a place for parking. Due to an ongoing festival, the place was hard to reach by car. We had to drive through pedestrian streets and it was a bit annoying. The parking lot itself is also far from usual standards. You have to park your car in a nearby residential lot. At first, it does make you feel a bit uncomfortable. It is because you are afraid not to park in some local’s constant parking space.

Stay in Gdansk
The small room.

Next, you have the apartments itself. Our first-night stay was in a small room1, which had a shared bathroom. The bed was also kinda small and not very comfy. But due to a good location, the fact we did not want to look for a new place and a discount that we got we stayed for another night. We were offered the best room in this place for almost the same price as we got the small room.

The new room was really great. It had a big bed, own bathroom and windows to the both sides of the house. We liked it really much.

Eventually, both rooms were clean, though they lacked extra touch.


Stay in Gdansk
Studio Lux.

The service was not of the highest quality, but you cannot ask that from apartments. The reception is on the other side of the building, where there is an amber shop. When you need to do something, you need to ask the girls to call the guy, who then solves your problems. We cannot remember the guy’s name, but he is a very nice and friendly fellow. In addition, he speaks very good English.

One thing that seemed strange is that you can lock the apartment entrance from inside and then there is no way for others to get in. Even the guy does not have a key to open that door. If something like that occurs he starts calling everyone who lives in the apartment and asks them to come and unlock the front door.

Value for money

We paid:

  • 50 Euros for the small room;
  • 60 Euros for the big room.

While compared to overall prices in Poland, our stay in Gdansk was not very cheap. Still, when you think that these apartments are in the heart of Gdansk and we stayed here during the time of their biggest festival it is not that expensive.

We consider Amber Town Apartments to provide good value for a really fair price and we would definitely consider staying here during our next time in Gdansk.

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  1. ~10 sq. meters

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