Our Handpicked Bracelets

Our Handpicked Bracelets

Bracelets usually are one of the most popular accessories between travelers and those who love adventures. It is a wonderful gift for a person to make show him/her that you care and a bracelet is a sign of wishing good luck. 🍀

We personally handpicked bracelets made by our partners that looked the most beautiful and seemed like something we would wish to receive or present as a gift to our friends.

Casual Bracelets

These are the simplest and most popular bracelets that are made from leather and rope. Though it might seem simple, it is also a classic look, that is always a great choice.

Getting your friend or family member a bracelet as a sign of wishing good luck or as something to remember you by with is always a great idea because the sentimental value you add to it is what makes it unique and valuable to your loved one.


Stone Bracelets

One of our most favorite styles of bracelets are the ones that have beads made out of stone. Such bracelets not only have the significance of being great talismans but stones also possess great energetic and even healing powers. By interacting with your skin, it can positively affect your mood and behavior. It is a great accessory that not only looks great but makes you feel like it as well. Our most favorite type of stone is the lava stone, which has a great, rough look.

Lava Stone. Despite not having the looks of something that might have healing powers, lava stone has great energetic qualities. Wearing this type of bracelet is wonderful for calming emotions because it comes from a raw energy and is a stone of rebirth. Due to the fact that it comes with then Earth, Lava stones are fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. There is knowledge of lava stone being given to soldiers to help them remain calm during the battles.