P.’s Collection

This includes:

Increase your Filming Quality

The set of tools we have here are the ones that I own myself. I use those for filming interviews with my phone. It is a light-weight set, but the results are actually pretty good if you’re equipped with an iPhone 6s or later and a tripod.

What we have here is the:

  • Universal Phone Holder – it is used to attach your phone;
  • Rode VideoMic Go – a cheap, but a very high-quality shotgun microphone. You direct it towards the sound source and the background noises are gone;
  • Ulanzi 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Patch Cable – is required to connect the microphone to your smartphone;
  • Rode VideoMic Go Windshield – perfect in windy situations and shuts down the wind sound pretty well;
  • L Bracket Camera Grip – is where you attach all of the items mentioned above and then attach it to a tripod.

The rest what you need is a:

  • Smartphone with a decent camera;
  • A tripod.

Travel Bags

First of all, every traveler needs a good-looking travel bag. I have selected these three travel bags to choose from:

  • Vintage Military Travel Bag – simply looks awesome and has a certain roughness about it;
  • Oil Wax Leather Travel Bag – anything that is made all out of leather is great. So, it is a nice choice if you are a fan of leather and have sentiments for vintage looking items;
  • Casual Travel Bag – nothing fancy, but still looks really good.

Travel Accessories

Finally, some other items that I have on my wishlist. 😁

  • A Travel Journal – though writing on paper does seem like a lost art, but trust me – sometimes you wish you could write something down and not on your smartphone;
  • Trucker Hat – simply a nice looking accessory with the symbol of my most beloved place in the world; 😍
  • Leather Earphone Cable Winder – looks good and is also practical!
  • Leather Camera Strap – it is always nice to make your phone a bit more authentical;
  • Vintage Leather Key Wallet – simply looks awesome!