Lost in the Andes: Breathtaking Story from a Traveler Carl Madsen

About the Traveler

About the Traveler

Travel Inspiration
Driving through Iceland. (Taken by Carl Madsen)

First of all, we asked our dear guest to introduce himself.

I’m Carl! I’m 26, and working in architecture in Melbourne, Australia – my home city.

How do you manage to harmonize between your job and travels?

I’ve done most of my travelling during my studies as I had a much more flexible schedule than I do now. Though I still strive to get out there as much as I can, whether it be a day trip, weekend trip, or going somewhere for a few weeks of the year.

With whom are you usually traveling?

I don’t travel with a set person or group of people, but rather whoever I’ve met that’s keen to explore. I’ve also solo traveled a bit, and it’s a very different experience – both alone and with others have their unique benefits – the shared memories when travelling with close friends, and the reflection and putting yourself out there when travelling alone.

What’s your inspiration for traveling?

My inspiration for travelling is the continued desire to explore all the places I’ve never been whilst I still can.

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