Story of an Actor Whose Life Role is to Travel


Travel inspiration

As our Instagram community is growing fast and we’ve reached more than 20k followers, we got an unbelievable chance to interact with some amazing travelers from all around the world. So, we came up with an idea to introduce the most outstanding ones and their inspiring stories to everyone. We hope that you’ll have as an amazing time reading these stories, as we had collecting them.

We are very happy to introduce you our this week’s blog guest, our Instagram friend Kevin and his adventurous travel stories. Kevin, or as we call him – @PirateOfParadise, is a talented actor who dedicates his free time for two main activities. Firstly, he helps refugees from all over the world. Secondly, he travels and he does that A LOT!

In a run from a real leopard in a real jungle; almost attacked by a giant tarantula; a night with a local Philippines family in the middle of a rice field. Those and many, many more are the stories written in travel journal of our dear guest Kevin.

Therefore, some time ago we asked @PirateOfParadise if he would like to tell us more and, happily, he agreed! So we asked Kevin about:

And now we strongly recommend you, Dear Reader to press Next to hear all the great stories that Kevin told us.

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